Thursday, July 9, 2015

$1 is invisible.

I don't mind people disagreeing with me but don't mess with my integrity.


Speaking of the Chinese stock market.  A friend of mine had some stocks of a chicken farm in the Chinese stock market and I asked him yesterday how it was doing.  He said it disappeared. That's never a good thing.

That market is totally screwed.  The last few years the market has been riding high with common ma and pa borrowing money and putting it into the stock market and reaping returns. What could possibly go wrong. . . . . except when the markets start to go down. 

All of a sudden the lenders wanted their borrowed money back and the snowball effect started.  Ma and pa rushed to the stock market and started taking money out which made their neighbors do the same and WHOA . . . . here we go. 

The government saw this and decided to give a few billion dollars to professional to invest into the market and buy all sorts of stocks to artificially inflate prices.  Seriously??  WELL - this showed ma and pa that the government was panicking and that made MORE investors panic. 

At least yesterday was the first good day in a long time as the Shanghai Composite dropped 3% but ended up 5%.  So it's only down 30% in the last month.


Taylor Swift is a genius.  DJ purchased a CD of her latest music and with the CD comes 5 or 6 "Polaroids" of Taylor being Taylor.  That woman has some serious marketing talent and is her own manager.


A majority of city council voted not to improve any new roads in their first term as aldermen.  Even high profile highly used roads that people complained about were ignored.

Lucy - you got some splanin' to do!

The one road that was a perfect candidate for fixing, Fuller Street was just not bad enough and we don't have any money for it . . .even though we borrowed 2 million dollars to fix roads.  The majority in power say they want to fix lesser used roads that are in worse shape which I am not against but why not fix something that people will actually see and say yes, council IS fixing roads.

Fuller Street would have been relatively inexpensive and people would actually see that Council was doing something about roads. Now we have successfully fixed zero roads for two years.

But - I only get one vote so I'm just along for the ride (a bumpy one at that LQTM*).

LQTM = Laugh quietly to myself

OH - my comment on the swimming pool community discount.  I was NOT against giving people $1 off swimming at our pool.  But $1 does nothing but make the people that voted on it feel better.  I think $2 would actually have been better and THAT would make the people purchasing a ticket actually feel financially better.

$1 is invisible to the consumer and costs the pool $30,000 to $50,000 in reduced profits.  But $2 would make a consumer take notice, BUT cost a lot more in reduced profits.  So in my humble opinion $1 we can pat ourselves on the back for being good people and no one but ourselves will notice. Why bother.  I say go with $2 to actually make a difference or $0 to bring in more profits.

$1 we lose $30K in profits and get nothing in return. $2 we lose $60K in profits but people thank us for thinking of them. $0 no one notices and we don't lose $30K.

I'm just explaining WHY I voted "no".  Not really a big deal to me one way or the other.


Powerball will get a little harder to win.  Right now the chance of winning Powerball is 1 in 175 million but the new changes will make it 1 in 292 million. You still have a chance!!!.  The cool thing is that NOW, in simulations, sometime in the next 5 years someone will win 1 BILLION dollars.

Think you could do with a billion dollars.  I would fix at least one road.


In 2014 Norway police fired their guns twice and in the last 12 years two people have been killed in shootouts.  Automatic weapons are banned in Norway and it's a lot smaller then America so you really can't compare.

Did you know that 45% of US Companies log keystrokes of workers?  They were thinking of doing that where I work for us IT people to make computer programmers more productive.  Really? Keystrokes?  Brilliant!


I received a pretty large (24x36) canvas print of the below image and I was surprised how much better it looks printed then on a computer screen.  The canvas seems to really soak up the pigments on this one extremely well.

I've been asked a lot lately - I will not be in Madison this weekend but will be in Lake Mills NEXT weekend.  Art Fair on the Square is one of the top five Art Fairs in the country and is very hard to get into. A booth costs about $550 and to apply it costs another nonrefundable $50.  There are normally about 30 spots and 500 artists that apply.  To apply you send in 3 images and a shot of your booth and the jury has 10 seconds to make a decision.

I swung and I missed!

So I'm finally going to get new irons in golf.  My Big Bertha X12 irons are . . .15+ years old?  They were almost new technology 15 years ago but I broke my 8 iron a few weeks ago.  SO I'm buying adubyas old irons.  I figure if he is a 7 handicap and I'm a 22 handicap I should become a 14 handicap when I get them . . . .right?

Actually I had reservations. If adubya had stiff shafts and non forgiving heads they would screw me up totally but they are dynalite gold super light shafts and Mizuno's game improvement heads,(MX-25s) which after doing due diligence are a good fit for me and I can get into the 2000s in technology.

We shall see.  I tried his 8 iron and it was smooth as butter and my ball with 10 yards further then expected (which was not a good thing in this instance).

WEATHER- what bill of goods are the talking weather heads trying to sell. They keep talking 90s are coming . . . I'm not seeing it. I see nothing but low 80s for the foreseeable future with a chance of thunderstorms starting Saturday and lasting forever.

We shall see.

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