Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Derecho update

UPDATE from Dr. Electron/Mr Coffee -  there were 15 crews out yesterday restoring power, River Road, Waterloo, Hamilton, Birdsey, Fuller, N. Lewis, parts of Charles and S.Lewis were restored, work was also started in Little Mexico. Today we are concentrating on the areas of Selden Street to the east towards Mill St. We will also will have a couple or possibly more crews concentrating on addressing service reattachment. At this point I am estimating that 200+ customers still remain without power. Our crews will continue to work as hard as we can until all customers have electricity restored.

A HUGE thank you to Pick n' Save, as they donated all the food to feed all the workers, volunteers, and people that have been affected by the storm.  Bravo large Roundy's corporation.

As of last night at 8:00 it's still not a straight line getting from one side of town to the other with many streets still blocked.  In fact the REAL clean up has yet to begin as the focus is getting streets cleared.  There are many many huge trees on houses and horizontal on lawns.   Fire wood will not be a problem this winter.

WKOW has had some nice pieces about Columbus lately.

Speaking of sirens - NOAA does not have the technology for warning communities of straight line winds as they are too close to the ground. Tornado's are much easier as they go higher and anyone with a cell phone and an expansive app can see a tornado forming.

Notice Columbus is not in the Tornado warning area. This shows wind velocity and direction.  All the red is wind flowing one direction. The green shows wind flowing the opposite direction.  This is what set off the tornado warnings for Dodge County.

A whole lotta lightning.

I was amazed at how many sounds my weather station produces in a storm like this.

Oddly as I was introducing myself and talking to people after the storm last night there was some anger at the newspaper for their article about Hydro street.  Some are wondering if the city government is anti-business AGAIN as the article made it sound!

I assured them that "I" certainly was not anti-business (I can not speak for the rest of council as I would get in trouble).  I was talking to a person from Beaver Dam and they WISH they had the business Columbus had as our downtown is vibrant compared to their town.

I also want to thank Aaron Adams for his time on council. I feel he was the most honest (to a fault) and down to earth person I know and losing him on Council is a large loss to Columbus and it seems this is a common opinion from citizens I was talking too.  The Newspaper made it sound like Aaron was avoiding making a comment  when he could not be reached.  HE WAS OUT OF TOWN!!! I believe he was at a beer festival promoting Hydro and Columbus.

It's a shame Hydro Street has become some a lightning bolt recently and he felt his being on Council was becoming a problem.  I disagree.  It's outsiders spewing hate at the City Council with incomplete knowledge that is the problem.

In case you are wondering exactly what a Revolving Loan Fund is , , , The Economic Development Administration's Revolving Loan Fund Program supplies small businesses and entrepreneurs with the gap (meaning VERY risky) financing needed to start or expand their business. RLFs take on projects with above average risk

This is not money generated from taxes by the citizens of Columbus. It was given to us for stimulating and helping small business fill the cash gaps when they could not get REAL loans from banks.  

My personal opinion is that I do not believe most towns have the expertise to give out large sums of money by normal people.  Certainly Columbus does not but the Fed knew that.  It's a high risk loan. What a stupid plan. It is hard to say "no" and I wonder how many times a request has been turned down.  Ever?  Heck, in the past we have given out loans to companies that are not even IN Columbus!  But I digress.

Nuff said on that subject. Talking to people last night got me going.


I for one applaud Obama for the Iran Nuke deal!  Iran must limit nuclear activities for 10 years - ANYTHING that could be used to make a nuclear weapon is forbidden and they can not trade or sell any weapons for years.  IN exchange sanctions will be lifted which could transform the Middle East making Iran a real player in the world economy and they will help in combating ISIS.

This is a big gold star in Obama's touch-and-go foreign policy record. Republicans who hate anything Obama (even if they thought of it first) can kick and scream but Obama has the veto card.

see ya!

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