Monday, July 20, 2015

Discover Columbus's new water tower

I'm getting some of this blog done early as I'm sort of waiting for a phone call which will have me scrambling to a road trip.  Sometime soon Epic Systems (more Findorff actually) is going to use two huge cranes to lift a railroad car to on top of a building . . . or something, not exactly sure but the crane operators are pretty pumped about this. I guess for crane operators this is a big deal which seems like it would be.

ANYWAY they want me to come and document this. Not a CLUE what they want or what I'll take photos of but I'll do it. 



Monday 3.85 inches
Tuesday 0.30
Wednesday 0.00
Thursday 0.86
Friday 0.97
Saturday 0.98

Total  6.96 inches 

In other news I went to Heavy Bomber Weekend in Madison Friday and Wednesday about 4:00AM I'm heading up to EAA for some before opening photos and spend the day there doing whatever people do there. Any suggestions on photo op's would be appreciated. I have not been there for 40 years.

I took this shot Friday.    

B-17G Flying Fortress Aluminum Overcast


The other thing that happened this weekend was the water tower paint job. 

hmmmmmm  can't really see the tower with this lens!  Better in person. 


A shot this a few weeks ago that looks cool if you click on it as it gets bigger (not sure how bigger but . . . ). 

And I have a road trip next weekend to Indianapolis for the last(?) USS Indy reunion

Speaking of politics (I LOVE The Donald, so entertaining) there is a thing called The Invisible Primary which is very good at predicting who will win a party's nomination.  It takes endorsements from Representatives, Senators and Governors giving 1,5 and 10 points for each endorsement.

At the moment Hillary has 264 points and no one else has any for the Democrats.   For the Republicans the leader is Chris Christie with 24 points and Jeb Bush is second with 18.  Our Governor has 2 points, both from Wisconsin representatives Reid Ribble and Sean Duffy.  Walker is in next to last place of all the Republicans.

Everything I read, Walker is not that liked around the Country. We only believe he is because of all the news coverage in Wisconsin. Only Rick Perry and Rick Santorum have less endorsements.  Well, The Donald does not have any but he is only there to make everyone else look sane.

OH OH - and just food for thought. has a DNA check which I have ordered to see WHO I AM.  Basically you send some DNA in and they tell you your heritage (along with collecting data so Obama can take my guns away).

WELL - someone I know had his DNA checked and everything he thought of where he came from . . . . . . WAS WRONG!!!   

If you go your entire life thinking are one thing AND NO!! - you are actually 85% BRITISH!! Oh ON!!    That brings up all sorts of questions (why he calls everyone a chap and is always so knackered).  

More on this as it comes in.


I could not resist!


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