Wednesday, July 29, 2015

EAA Photos

Nice little rain storm this morning - 0.37 inches.  Peak rate was 1.75 inches per hour.

Brady Brady Brady - the cover up is always so much worse then the crime.  

And about that lion killing.  If killing a beloved lion was bad enough for a person that has already been convicted of killing other animals illegally.  NOW - the next lion to head the pack, Jericho, will probably kill Cecil's six cubs so he can insert his bloodline into the pack. It's how they roll. 

Isn't killing for fun, even if it's big game sort of like being a serial killer? 


OH - the next time you sing Happy Birthday . . . . you better pay up.  It cost's $1,500 to pay for those copyright's.  The owners of that 1935 copyright have been making $2 million a year.  



This is America's new F35B fighter that is suppose to replace the Harrier and my 2nd favorite fighter the F18 Hornet (my favorite is the A10 Worthog) .  This was the first time it was publicly shown.  It can hover!!  It only costs 150 million, less then the Bradly Center! 
F-35B Joint Strike Fighter
This got a good chuckle out of the crowd. I was REALLY hoping the pilot was not going to demonstrate the afterburners as he was maneuvering around. 

When we arrived there was an accident that closed down the runways for a few hours.  On average there is one take off every 5 minutes (busiest airport in the world for one week) so you can expect a pretty large backlog of planes wanting to take off.  

When the runways opened all three runways were being used for take offs, sometimes 2 planes at a time on each runway.  There were about 50 planes in line on each until they cleared the center runway for this. 
Yea - I bet the FedEx pilot had just a tiny bit more stress landing. 

Don't EVER take this airline - no matter how cheap the seats are.  What a mistake. 

OH - this is the new Ford.  It costs $250,000 but I would not pay over $200,000 for it because I could not find where the bumper hitch was. 

Note to self - don't point nothin' at this dude!  He and some well armed buddies were guarding the the F35 . . . . in case someone wanted to steal it I guess.  I decided NOT to start a conversation with him about gun control. 

That's all for today - I have to go to Waunakee and pick up a bunch of art that was in a Parade of homes house.  They sold it and my art is no longer needed! 


I sent in my DNA sample to to see who I really am.  There seems to be some inconsistencies in my family that we are investigating.   


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