Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Holy Smokey the Bear!

So I heard last night that because we would be in a new air mass the fires from Canada would reappear.  The sinking air that is associated would move the smoke to the ground.  I woke up and yea, it's a little hazy out in Columbus!

So I drive to Madison this morning and HOLY CRAP!!  The closer I get the more it looks like smog from the 70s. I get out of the car and I feel I'm in the north woods with sweet pine camp fires burning.  Canada - we need to do something about that land.  Regime change? Take their matches away?  Cut down all of those darn trees?

My weather forecast sucked yesterday.  The morning rain totally blew the evening storms into not much.  OH! - Madison got drenched with 1.2 to 1.4 inches of rain.  Columbus was in a gap and we had 0.34 inches.  Yesterday morning we were working out at Anytime Fitness and it was POURING.  We get to my house and my sidewalk is a little damp but across the street . . .perfectly bone dry!

We are in an extended warming pattern starting tomorrow,  Temps for Columbus will be 71 today, 74, 78, 80, 85, 86, 83, 82, 82,  with a good chance of pop up thunderstorms in our baroclinic zone* starting Friday and continuing until Wednesday. I suspect an inch of rain total in that 5 days.

baroclinic zone = A region in which a temperature gradient exists on a constant pressure surface.

The two popcorn wagons - NEVER together until last weekend.  I hope they got along.  Notice we kept them separated just in case. Yes - I talk to inanimate objects  . . . . and they answer back . . . but only to me it seems. 

I will have 8x12 matted images for sale for $25 at some point . . . just saying . . . since I have had inquiries!


Cathy had a graphic representation of the Woman's Soccer match.  The most-watched single-network soccer match in U.S. history - good bye baseball, you are dead!


You guys saw that hidden in the Wisconsin budget was a blub saying that the party in power would control the Wisconsin Retirement Funds! hmmmmmm!


China stock market is crashing! I hope Enerpac is not going to take a hit.  Their market has lost an equivalent of 3000 points in the last 3 weeks.  OUCH!!   

OMG - You know Jared the Subway dude?  Won't be seeing him around.  The FBI raided his home on child pornography charges.  WTF?


OH - Trumps new hotel? Seems undocumented immigrants are building it!  It also seems there is some "awkwardness" on site.


The death of baseball you say?  I keep hearing that Major League Baseball is a dieing sport and "no one plays baseball anymore".  Yet, MLB attendance has never been higher and TV revenues have never been greater.

Something else is happening - the average age of the leagues best players are at an all time low since they started keeping these records in 1990.  A huge wave of young talent has hit the major leagues. The difference is offense. Young players are always really good defensively and grow into their offense. However this year they are outstanding defensively AND are the best hitters since the 2007 class PLUS, are faster on the base paths!

We are smack at the start of a lot of future superstars!  Stay tuned.


Funny - in Boston there is STILL a 12 foot high pile of snert (snow/dirt) in the city!


And don't get me started on the Seattle Bucks or the Las Vegas Bucks when they move out of Milwaukee!  SUCKS!!


Did you know that between August 2013 and December 2014 drug companies gave doctors 3.53 BILLION dollars to prescribe THEIR drugs to patients! hmmmmm  that seems shady!

Nuff said!

Did I mention I have started to make a photo table top book?

OK - done!!  

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