Monday, July 6, 2015

Popcorn popcorn

I see I went over the 600,000 page views recently - I can get to a million when I'm in my 80s.  SWEET!!

I have to write my blog at a different time I think. With DJ being home more it's messing my schedule/workout times.  Getting up at 5:45 had it's advantages. 

I have not had a chance to even look at most of my photos of the parade  . . .or anything I have taken in the last week.  I think most people will say the bagpipes were the highlight and the best photos I have seen were on facebook are by Mike Thom.  I only have one as I had the wrong lens on my camera for the event and too much clutter in the backgrounds.   I hear it was a spur of a moment event which went off spectacularly. 

We purchased sound canceling headphones for Sydney and Caydance which worked great.


The original popcorn wagon was brought up from Glenview ILL. It was found and refurbished for $60,000.  This wagon had not been on the streets of Columbus since the 1950s if not earlier after the horrific accident that killed Alice Schmidt's good childhood friend in the cart.   

There is a good article in WisNews about both wagons (I'll have photos of OUR wagon . .soon)

George Hasey's original popcorn wagon
There was a contingent from ILL with the wagon and they commented "How mane people live in this town???" as I think they were expecting a small town parade and not what Columbus offers. 

USA USA USA - no team has ever scored a goal so fast in the finals of the World Cup and USA scored 4 goals in that time.  The USA is also the first country to ever win three championships and are now the the most dominate football team in the world. 

It was an awesome match that. Japan is all about control and precision and the US came out in berserker hair standing straight up mode like World War Z.  Japan did not know what hit them!  BAM in your face!   


The Milwaukee Bucks have become one of the top 4 teams in the NBA last week when they signed free agent Greg Monroe!  WOW!!  one of only five 15-10 players in the league. Average 15 points a game and 10 rebounds, a solid bonafide big man in a league where there are very few of this kind of player.  He is a perfect fit for the Bucks and as Dan Patrick (who is a pretty smart guy) predicts "The Bucks will play the Eastern Conference finals next year against LeBron and the Cavaliers.  

Of course he also predicted before last years season The Packers would win the Super Bowl and THAT didn't happen.  

Monroe is 25 years old and the only thing the Bucks were missing was a big man at center.  Many other teams wanted him but he said the Bucks have the best chances of a Championship in the next few years.


REAL good chance of thunderstorms this afternoon between 3:00 and 6:00 but the systems seems to be slowing so maybe later?  We should get a BIG soaking though with a line of heavy rain associated with the cold front.   Columbus is in the slight risk of damaging weather area which is just north of Madison so from what I read the timing is perfect for Columbus being at the height of the storm. . . . . .if it gets here before the sun starts sinking. 

The CURRENT rain today is not the main event!  


seems there are a few people pissed at The Old Rock Bar proudly displaying a Confederate flag in the parade.  Why would a business do this?  I was considering going there for their amazing fish fries but . . . no more!  Guess I need to boycott the place.