Thursday, July 16, 2015

Raising Super Readers.

Going to be a rather cool day as thickening clouds and the coming rain will keep heating to a minimum.  Can't rule out a flash flood warning as heavy rains could develop this evening as super moist air will rapidly enter Wisconsin.  Not saying there WILL be but all the factors are in place.   I expect at least 1 inch to 1.5 inches of rain today if all goes as planned.

Once this passes we heat up Friday and Saturday into the upper 80s and low 90s with very high humidity and heat index Saturday near 100.  Did I mention I have an art fair Saturday in Lake Mills?



I took this from my deck Monday night.  This storm was west of Chicago - tells you how big it was.


This comes from Dr.Electron/The Water Czar/Mr. Coffee who has had about 1 hour of sleep since Monday.

"At this point, I am estimating that there is less than 50 residential homes in Columbus without electricity. These remaining customers need to have an electrician repair their meter sockets prior to CWL Staff energizing their electrical services.

Today, we had 15 crews from various electric utilities assisted us to restore the west Columbus area.

By about 1:30 pm today we started to send some of the crews that were the farthest from their Utility home as the area of storm damage got considerably smaller. Without the MEUW/WPPI Members the restoration efforts in Columbus would have taken our crew months.

Also, CWL’s Staff both the field and office, worked in unison to make the restoration efforts run smoothly. DPW and WWTP also worked together with CWL to help each other out."


This was a true emergency and I believe all of the city government work in unison and I applaud their efforts.

With all this going on has anybody looked at our water tower? It's almost completed and The Water Czar and I will go out today to position the new logo.  WE Energy & Avis Rent a Car Discover Columbus with a lightning bolt and a car with Christopher Columbus waving from the drivers seat.

We actually are positioning the logo - one side will face the highway between the two interchanges with the other side facing Fireman's Park.  It would be nice to have the logo facing both entrances but logistically that is not possible as the logo needs to be on opposite sides.   We looked at 5 different designs and BIGGER is always better I say.

The tower is all white with a blue underbelly where the dirt accumulates so the blue will hide the dirt in the coming years.


Jade Helm 15 starts today - you know that military "exercise" where Obama and those liberals are going to take over Christoval, Texas and are closing Walmarts to be used as detention centers?

“Just in case,”Dr. Campbell, an emergency physician in San Angelo, Tex said “People are just vigilant. Not vigilantes, but vigilant. They don’t want to be caught off guard.” Another resident said a friend of his, a Vietnam veteran, started burying some of his firearms to hide them.

Yea - because we all know Obama will knock on your door and ask for your guns any day and that in the 5 years of his reign firearm sales have been breaking records.  Well done gun industry - superb marketing plan.  Fear ALWAYS wins!

I heard they might put a dome over that city!!


The running of the bulls is over.  I REALLY detest that "sport" for it's cruelty and I cheer every time I hear someone is gored.  They actually keep records of injuries and there have only been 15 deaths but a LOT of major goring's!

Since 1980 there has been an increase of injuries of 5.1% yearly while attendance has been dwindling.  Last year 17,000 people ran with the bulls down from 2011 where there were 20,000.

BUT - it seems the British are the worst runners as they have the highest per person chance of getting injured. 8% of all goring's go to the British.  Americans are the 6th easiest to gore (we are much better at running while totally drunk).

In 35 years there have only been 3 days where someone has not suffered a major goring!  GO BULLS!!


The average American consumes 126 grams of sugar every day!


I'll be at Heavey Bomber Weekend tomorrow morning - no blog!

Cardinal Comics opens back up next week - Very good store if you are into graphic novels (which I am).  The "comic book" industry is in it's golden age with sales mirroring the early 90s.  I'm surprised at some of the people I have heard that have gone there purchasing novels!  I know who you are you guys  :-)  High Five!  Our secret!  Just kidding. Is reading ever a bad thing?

Domestic sales of graphic novels is at $870 million compared to $265 million in 2000.   The top 300 comic books sold 85 million copies and this does not count the number of graphic novels.

But here is the weird thing.  There is no Fantastic Four comic book.  Marvel lost the license to Universal. Also no "mutants"! Again - the movie industry obtained those rights. Can't use them in a comic book now.

Want to see what it's all about?

Here are some of the best. Ask Cardinal Comics to get this for you

The Watchman

The Dark Night Returns (this is the one that turned me on - I STILL have goose bumps and remember the first time I read and adult comic  WOW!

Sin City


Daredevil: Born Again

The Walking Dead

Cardinal Comics (located 111 S Ludington, across from The Capri) Grand Opening will be September 18th, 2015 when they are fully stocked but is opening again next week (vacation in Florida)

Raising Super Readers: The Benefits of Comic Books and Graphic Novels - link to a great article

While comic books and graphic novels have increased in popularity among children of all ages in the last few years, there are still some parents and educators that dismiss the medium as trivial or "not a real book" or "junk." We live in a visual society. It only makes sense that children are drawn to visual media.

Gotta go work out! see ya! BTW - down 9 pounds since Anytime Fitness opened working out 3 times a week. 1/2 hour on the elliptical and a few weights after (but not crazy lifting).

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