Monday, July 13, 2015

THAT was a big one!

WELL - that was a fun night and most of the area is working on 3 hours sleep.

As I was watching my anemometer early this morning it hit 58mph just as the power went out the FIRST time!  At one point the rain rate was 4.3 inches per hour.  Total rain was about 2.2 inches.

Roads are closed and they are telling people to stay away from Columbus.  We have 4 trees down around us and across the street is an unknown trampoline.

We had so good size rotation right before the tornado alerts went off as Columbus was on the far west side of that excitement.    River Road is closed and our neighbor's dad can not enter Columbus to pick him up for a ride to the airport.

This is where the wind circulation was right after DJ and I hit the basement. Red is wind going one direction and green is the other direction.  It's a bad thing when you see this.  

This is the storm at it's peak showing rain and lightning hits and when all the trees came down.

SO - there are a lot of sleep walkers today.  There are three trees down on our fairway. A Neighbors tree is down and one is leaning and our other neighbor had a shrub shredded next to the house.   CRAZY!!

TODAY - more storms on the way as it's going to get HOT HOT when the sun comes out and all this water on the ground will go into the air.   Looking at 90 today with dew points in the low 70s making it feel like the upper 90s (seems really nice out right now LOL).  More BIG storms will develop but south of us this time

Many city streets are still blocked and residents are encouraged to stay off the streets, The non-emergency line to call to report a tree down or street blocked is 920-623-5908. Columbus City Hall and the Columbus Senior Center are closed today to address the storm response. 

They are not even letting traffic into Columbus.