Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Correction - according to Columbus Wastewater we had 3.85 inches of rain ending at 7:00AM yesterday.  I guess having back-up batteries for my station would have been nice but three "C" batteries?  FINE - I have them NOW!   I did not think that with two rain gauges, one automatic and one manual that BOTH would suffer catastrophic problems in the same storm.

We had 0.30 inch in last nights storm according to BOTH gauges.

As far as Columbus we are still in a state of emergency.

I believe we owe Columbus Connects a huge thank you and the city should take notice that that is how a city should handle social media.  If I can receive an award from the city for this blog (a number of years ago) Columbus Connects should, without a doubt, get an award for yesterdays coverage of events.  I'm not sure how many thousands of times people read coverage of the news in Columbus but I would guess in the 10,000 page views.  Bravo!

POWER - According to Dr. Electron "The main overhead circuit that feeds Park View and most of Park Avenue sustained significant damage. Approximately 8 Poles were broken off at ground level and several of the poles were 'raked' over where they had to be straightened in order to restring the circuit. Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Waterloo, Lake Mills, Oconomowoc, and Waupaun responded with crews to help."

"As of tonight at 10:15 Circuit 103 has been repaired and is operational as Park view and Park Avenue are back in power. There are several homes on Park without power due to services being ripped off of homes.

Tomorrow all the above mentioned crews are returning as there are still areas in town without power. Waterloo St will be a point of emphasis tomorrow (today). Along with areas west of James and north of Dickason."

Many people have been asking "WHERE WERE THE DERECHO SIRENS".

Columbus does not have derecho* sirens and there were no tornadoes.  All of the alerts you heard were NOT for Columbus.

Speaking of derecho's. That was one hell of a derecho as NOAA says straight line winds between 90 and 110 mph hit Columbus square in the kisser making almost every city street impassable.  I felt like Pac Man trying to get to Jenny's house to deliver her phone. Then when I went around the city to get back to my place I was stopped by Troopers as only Columbus residents were being aloud into the city.  

*derecho - a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a land-based, fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms.

Garbage Collection - They will get to everyone this week . . sooner or later.

 The Columbus Disc Golf Course will be temporally closed.

Pro Tip - #3 Columbus Disc Golf - firm footing is a must on this tricky par three. Try to keep your disc above the water and don't go left as stream could sweep away for a longer 2nd shot.

Kris's beautiful willow tree.

This was the radar just before it all went dark.  Look at all that lightning.

I swear every street in Columbus look liked this (Except ours as our trees are MUCH smaller but we lost 4 smaller trees).

I took this last night on my deck of the storms west of Chicago. A long ways away. 

And taking a second fiddle I hope everyone is noticing the water tower paint job.


*** Mullin’s Short Stop will be reopen today!
*** The Columbus School District will NOT be holding Summer School Classes again today
*** Julie’s Java House is looking for volunteers to make food and help pass it out to workers, please call 920-623-5540 and they will give you location and info.
*** I have heard that Advanced Disposal did not come out yesterday due to all the storm damage, but they plan on coming out today to start on Monday's pick up but may not get to certain customers because of damage or utility work going on. They should get to everyone by the end of the week it just may not be on your designated day.
*** Utility crews have started again this morning to get as many people as possible back on the power grid. Please be patient, they are doing their best!!!
*** Columbus Middle School/Red Cross has continued to be a shelter for those in need (food and other assistance is available)
*** Be careful with contractors looking to take advantage of our situation. Be sure to use reputable contractors!
*** The Recycling Center on River Road will be open from 7:00Am to dusk every day this week. Please do not put brush/limbs in the street, but it is ok to put them on the tree border.
*** The non-emergency line to call to report a tree down or street blocked by limbs is 920-623-5908.
*** The Library is OPEN today! They offer free computer use during open hours (9 am - 8:30 pm) and free wi-fi access 24/7. Stop in for an air conditioned break from storm clean up. Also, bring the kids for storytime from 10-10:30 today. They'll keep craft supplies and stuff to do out all morning to give you and the kiddos a break from storm fatigue.


And a great job and continuing great job to Columbus Dept of Public Works, Columbus Fire Department, Columbus Water & Light, Columbus Police Department, Life Star EMS, The American Red Cross, Columbus Emergency Management Team.  I have to assume Columbus Wastewater had their hands full also (yuck).