Thursday, August 20, 2015

brrrrr another cold day

This weather totally blows, but it will get better . . .soon.  80's tomorrow and 80s Saturday (windy).


Shirley Mansion of Garbage
Garbage - no no not the rock group (photo taken a few years ago) but the junk we throw away.  We all know the garbage situation in Columbus has changed and Council has been discussing this for a while now.  The one thing tweaking people is the lack of curbside pick up for large items.  If you have large items called DPW (920) 623-5908) and for a fee they will come pick stuff up.  I'll be doing that today in fact.

HOWEVER -  there might be a longer term solution on the long term horizon. Our contract with Advanced Disposal goes until  . . . well . . . for another year or so but there is another player now in the game, the County. Their numbers seem very very competitive.  Competition is good.  Stay tuned but it's a ways off yet.


This image received the largest reaction of on piece that I have ever seen.  I added what I had on my price tag because it seemed to tripped a trigger.


The Church.

Seems a lot of hub bub about "churches" lately and the IRS turning its head on what a "church" actually is. All of these televangelists saying give us money and we will heel you.

HEY - isn't this what happened in the late 1400s with Martin Luther? The dude who sparked a hundred hears of war in Europe?

Martin Luther was a friar who's job was to raise money for The Church to rebuild Rome.  Basically The Church was saying - give us $20 and we shall forgive you a few sins, OR, you can go to hell, your choice.  AND for $20 more your deceased kin can be forgiven and be move from hell to heaven, sweet deal what?

Luther was pretty annoyed at this as he believed the Word of God was NOT some rules from The Church but from The Bible and he was going to let people know his thoughts publicly.   He wrote up a theses and posted them all over for discussion.  Basically he said if the pope redeems a number of souls for the sake of money to buy stuff for The Church, why not just empty hell for the sake of holy love?

WELL - The Pope was not pleased at this at all and was not interested in a debate.


WELL!! - Luther basically said F*ck You to The Pope which was not always the wisest thing to do back then.  Long story short.  Luther becomes a criminal and German princes who see a chance to grab power hide him and Luther's ideas spread like a fire in California.   Peasants feel power at how Luther stuck it to the man and Europe splits into two tribes.

The Catholic (meaning "universal") and the Protestants (meaning profess) and the Reformation Age begins.

Which brings me to time travel, one of my favorite subjects.

I've been watching the first 8 episodes of Outlander (DVD from our super great library) about a WWII nurse that travels back to Scotland in the 1700s.  The good ol' days.

I would NOT want to go back to the 1500's, the bad ol' days.  I would be back there for like 2 days and be burned at the stake.  Probably would not take long for me to say something weird.

OUTLANDER - awesome show - here is the trailer if you are interested.  Sex, violence, romance, mystical stuff, time travel and adventure.  Has everything.


See ya