Monday, August 17, 2015

Excitement in Fitchburg

Well - here is some good news for Columbus.  Our ISO rating has dropped dramatically from a 5 to a 3.   ISO stands for Insurance Service Office and it is a Public Protection Classification.  In a nutshell it's a combination of Water and Light and Fire protection and may or may not be used my insurance companies to give home owners a rating on fire protection.

According to ISO Columbus has very good fire protection and the ratings went down (which is good) because of Water and Light and the amount of water it can provide.  There is not much the Fire Department can do to help the rating with it's cracker box fire station (according to Randy Koehn)

While insurance companies may or may not use this,  prospective industry lookign to relocate uses this as a measure to know how safe a community is.  So going from a 5 to a 3 is a very good thing.


Elwood and I were going to work on The Wall Sunday to fill in some cracks with better dirt.  But it was just to dang hot.  NEXT Saturday we will put in an effort.  The Sedium in the wall is doing fine. It's drought tolerant and can catch water out of thin air.  The leaves were designed by mother nature in a way to grab floating moister.

Does not look so great this year but the roots are growing as I type.


Here is a huge freaking shocker that has rocked my world after I had my DNA tested.  I'm not who I thought I was.  Neither is my brother. TOTALLY different in fact.

I'm yet another common immigrant like everybody else.  My entire life I have been told I was 1/4 blooded American Indian. My grandfather was 100% American Indian, that is certain.  YET - seems my father was adopted and had . . ZERO percent American Indian.

After finding this out last week I have lost the ability to tell time by the sun and trees no longer talk to me.

I'm 57% Great Britain, 18% Irish, 7% Iberian Peninsula and a whopatooli or other places.  What concerns me is the 3% poodle.

SOMEONE in my family has been hiding my heritage.  My brother and I both are happy that NEITHER of us has Indian blood.  It would be bad if one of us did and one didn't . . . if you know what I mean.  

If you are curious - will test it for $79.  Takes a few weeks.


DJ and I had tears in our eyes laughing - BEFORE coffee yesterday.  

23 songs that would be REALLY hard to strip too. 


I had my last art fair of the season and If all goes well in the next 2 weeks it should turn out to be the best fair ever for me.  I always have a 2 week lag on large purchases as people measure wall space and so forth.

Here is the odd thing.  I have this image of the Columbus AmTrak Station that I put up the last 2 shows that really got some overwhelming attention.

  I'm always amazed at what moves people and this one certainly did.  Not just compliments but the people like liked it REALLY liked it.

Another one that just baffles my brain because I don't see it but and I have not put it in fairs for 5 years BUT, the two fairs I have displayed it it has sold IMMEDIATELY is this one.
It just blows my mind.

Another oddity are my B17 images.  Men look at these, woman buy these.
I ask is this a present?  And the answer is almost always, "no, it's for me, I love planes".

So art fair season is over and I had my best year yet IF you don't count the Hilldale outdoor show which was it's first (and final?) year and taking a hit with not attending the Lake Mills Show which everybody in Fitchburg said was a good move (open only 3 hours).

The EXCITING thing Saturday was that we got HAMMERED by a storm.  There was broken art all over and several canopy's were destroyed.

I saw dark clouds and being a weather geek looked at my radar and said it's all zipping past use,  Just a small shower if anything.  No fear.

DJ starts to cover my boxes and I say it will pass.  DROP DROP DROPs start hitting us and I look at the radar and this thing is just exploding right over us.

I go to the front as a wind gust hits and the pottery next to me starts dropping on the blacktop.  I grab her canopy to hold it and then REAL wind hits. I have both hands on your tent leaning into the wind trying to hold.  But it's only wind.  

I look behind me and yell out, you should see what is going on a block away and laugh!  As I could not see a block away.  Then THAT hits and I see the end canopy sort of fly away.

I don't know where DJ is but I hope she is safe.  My canopy is like a tank (Trimline and unlike EX-ups which cost $150 this costs $3000 and only gently wiggles).

After 10 exciting minutes it passes.  DJ appears SOAKING WET.  Lesson to be learned.  When holding on to two canopies to keep them from blowing away, go INSIDE instead of standing OUTSIDE.

OTHERWISE - fantastic show in Fitchburg - this is what it looks like 15 minutes after opening.  Pointed tops, EZups, Rounded tops Trimlines.

OH!  the one thing I found out was that the posters for the  Agora  Art Fair and the TV ad's all had one of my pieces front and center!  WHO KNEW!


Side note - Columbus water.  Sooner or later it's going to be asked - do you want softened water? Or would you rather have a water softener.  PERSONALLY - I would rather have hard water adn soften it myself.

Brewing with softwater is a bitch - too much salt.

Here is what our water has in it and I'll give a copy to the Water Czar but for public consumption
PH 7.7

the below are all ppm
Sodium  Na 106  (high)
Potassium  K <1 p="">Calcium  Ca 19
Magnesium Mg 11
Totall Hardness (CaCO3) 93
Nitrate NO3-N 0.2 (safe)
Sulfate SO4-S 4
Chloride Cl 4
Carbonate CO3 <1 p=""> Bicarbonate HCO3 303 (high)
Total Alkalinity CaCO3 248
Total Phosphorus P 0.54
Total Iron Fe 0.53

Pretty much like Ireland water and outstanding for making dark beer and not so good for light beer.  This is why Wisconsin and Michigan make so many fantastic dark beers.   

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