Thursday, August 6, 2015

Harley Quinn looks tight

I was going to mention yesterday that in my last 12 rounds at Door Creek I have hit "51", eight times.

Make that 13 rounds and nine, 51's after last night.  I was expecting better after last years great year and it's all because I'm having trouble driving.   The Postman looked at my driver and said "how long have you had a stiff shaft" and I said "ever since I purchased the driver, but as long as a round does not take over 4 hours I'm OK" . . . . . . . . . . . bada boom.  

I probably thought the "s" on the shaft meant "slow", not "stiff" when I bought it.  But my new irons I purchased from Adubya are like butter and I have been crushing my irons shots. I hit my 6 iron 170 last night  (a little too long).

BUT - who cares.


Sorry for long winded TIF words yesterday. TIFs are something that have fascinated me ever since I went to an anti-TIF seminar. It was one of those eye opening things where you KNOW they are not telling ALL the truth. I became a member of the "Strong Towns"  organization who's vision is "We seek an America where our cities, towns and neighborhoods are financially strong and resilient. There is no shortcut to that kind of enduring prosperity. It must be built, block by block, day after day, by people who care about the places they live in." 

But I don't always agree with EVERYTHING because some of what they say are a little idealist which make sense in theory but real life sometimes needs to be addressed when in a small town like Columbus.

However - some ideas are gold.  For instance, does Columbus really care about it's children?  We have 7 year old's practicing to ride bikes on busy roads with no sidewalks.  We have very very few bike paths and we even have a high school with a neighborhood right next to it with no sidewalks.   

But that is my personal windmill to chase.  Until someone gets hurt no one will do anything . . .wait that sounds like a gun thing and no one does anything there either.   

Here is a fun and useless fact - It was once illegal in Wisconsin to not serve apple pie with cheese.  Who makes these laws.


I sent new photos into ONLYINYOURSTATE and our rating immediately dropped from #2 to #10.  My bad.  You can blame me.  Do we get rated daily?  

Today was the last day I have to wake up at 5:45, well . . . at least until Saturday for the Paoli Art Fair.  This is DJs last day of work as she retires. 36 years, ALWAYS working, never a time in her life when she did not have a job working for the man.  1 BILLION hours of sick leave accumulated (which is the key to retiring slightly early). 

What irritates me a TINY bit (irritate is way way too strong of a word) are jokes about having to be home with my wife all the time.  

Why would you NOT want to be home with your best friend.  We have discussed the ramifications  and changes. We're good. We communicate pretty well with each other.  As you can probably guess I put my emotions out there for all to see.  We don't play games and know where each other stand on most things. 

Hurricane Soudelor - wow - this will cause a little damage. It should make landfall as a cat 4 hurricane. Think of the winds we had in Columbus  95-110mph.  This will be in a sustained 180mph range and add 24 inches of rain to the pot.


I will not have any Super Bowl ad's this year as they raised the price to $5 million for a 30 second spot.  I believe Mullins and Cardinal Comics (111 S Ludington Columbus) will maybe fork out $5,000,000 but I might be wrong on that.
****** Speaking of comics.  The new movie being filmed "Suicide Squad" looks awesome.  I would put this in the "adult" comic category.  But fear not - Cardinal Comics has graphic novels (books with pictures) for all ages and will have a mega grand opening in September.  They have had a soft opening as they slowly stock up (and seem to be doing well).  Lot's of cool things for kids of all ages. 

The character Harley Quinn looks tight!


Nuff said - goad trip to Nevada Bobs for a club.

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