Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I think that's something we should, yeah, absolutely, going forward

Whatever you do - don't sell.  If you are investing you are doing it for a reason which is long term.  Weeks like this are meaningless in the long run. There have been many many drops like this and the rebounds, when they come are come fast and furious.

The US economy is fine and this is healthy for the market. Period.


I am totally geeking out.

As many know I'm a member of the Weather Underground a group of over 100,000 weather geeks that have their own weather station. My station is KWICOLUM2 and sends data to the internet every 2 minutes (see link).

WELL - The Weather Underground now has a daily 2 hour show from 5PM to 7PM on The Weather Channel which can be compared to a sports talk show but for weather and it's GREAT if you are a weather geek.  A ton of fascinating knowledge. Just 3 guys and a girl sitting around talking weather!

They talked about hurricanes a lot last night because there are a freakish amount of them and depressions at the moment.

Hawaii - most rain ever in August dating back to 1887 is happening this year.   Check it out.


The Donald - seems Hispanics are not fond of him with a net favorability of -51%.  Second mosh hated politician, Ted Cruz -8%


Chipotle wants to hire 4000 workers on September 9th because they are going to open 205 new stores in the next year.


10.1 million people watched Fear The Walking Dead the most ever in the history of cable to watch a new cable show.


The over/under for Packer wins is 11.

UMMM - who feels a LITTLE unsafe!!  They did herd people slowly to cover but . . . . . .


Walker  LOL  - NBC's Kasie Hunt asked Walker whether he supported ending birthright citizenship - his answer? "I think that's something we should, yeah, absolutely, going forward."


Then later John Harwood asked him to clarify and he said "I'm not taking a position on it one way or the other" until the border is secured.

Then Sunday he said "without qualification" he would not seek to repeal the 14th amendment.  I guess he had to call the Koch Brothers to ask what the correct answer was.

Back to Trump - Stephen Colbert said he is praying that Trump is still active when his show airs in September.  He has been dry Trumping.

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