Thursday, August 13, 2015

My revisionist view on life.

I really don't know what happened to yesterdays blog that has all this hate coming my way about Hydro Street and how I'm sad they are gone.  It truly boggles my mind. Something about how some people liked it more them me and I have no right to feel sad because I only went there once a week. My feelings don't count. 

All I know is that every time there is a disagreement in the comment section my hits ZOOM and I make more money from adsense so thank you all, soon I can pay for our new basement. (every click is $$, well ¢¢ actually, they should call it ad¢ents) 


ANYWAY - Who saw the meteor shower last night!!  DJ and I did. We got up about 1:30, whet outside, looked up in the sky for 5 minutes, saw 5 meteors, said "awesome" and went back to bed. 

It was magnificent, can't wait for next year. 


My latest piece that I put up on the site is called Peripheral and may I suggest it can be put on a pillow.  Peripheral Throw Pillow 18x18 - only $27   Collect a set of all four different pillows (you can move the image to create your own pillow design.  



I totally sucked at golf last night.  Horrible. I felt like I had odd sticks in my hand and no clue what to do with them.  The new regular shaft on my new driver had a different feel the my normally stiff shaft and it threw off my timing (which is an issue ANYWAY. And the new irons that are a little heavier didn't help.  Then throw in two golfers that were REALLY slow,  it was a nightmare.


HOT HOT weekend coming up, LOVE IT!  I have my last art fair of the season Saturday in the Agora Art Fair (as seen on TV) in Fitchburg.  It's a very very good fair and one of my best.  Even though Paoli was my 5th best ever last weekend. I'm on a roll.


Nuff said - gotta run.  

Have a chipper day. 

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