Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Short and quick as I'm baby sitting for a while this morning - PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN.


I'm trying to eat slightly better so I can live a long-er life.  So I tried this stuff last night to go with spaghetti.  Yea - I was lazy and did not make my own (which always tastes better).

Here is the review of THIS garlic toast. 


I'm a member of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation forum who's goal is to fix downtown's.  We have a group from around the State all bouncing ideas around trying to heal each other and what works and what does not to bring life to our downtown's which, we all know is the heart of any small town.

There was a new study that quantified what makes a small town's downtown more walkable.   In every single image of a good downtown, there were trees.

One of the main takeaways besides " street furniture such as benches and bike racks"  was "imageability".    Meaning something to make people want to walk down the street to see something.

For instance. When Hydro Street was open they had chairs and tables (which I never saw ANYBODY sit in) on the sidewalks.  This made people at the other end of the block be curious and walk down to see what it was. We have 1000 people from outside the city visit the Antique mall and we are doing nothing to grab them.  Or when we get to the details of Dickason Blvd next to City Hall have some sort of statue, garden or some reason for people to walk down and see what it is.  SADLY, Columbus needs a place where people will take . . . .selfies. Yes yes - that is totally abhorrent but it's a fact of life.

Mullins BIG RED CHAIR for instance. Many many photos have been taken of families on the BIG RED CHAIR (I know I have).  People drive by and stop because of the BIG RED CHAIR.


Something we should REALLY think about in every empty business downtown is purchasing photo clings.  IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES . . . .

These are in Springfield ILL and many open store fronts have these photo clings.  Relatively inexpensive and great advertising.  They show which buildings are actively looking for business and tweaks the mind just a tiny bit and makes a prospective person think!


In other news - The Milwaukee Bucks will have 12 games on National TV this year!  They are ranked as one of the top 6 teams in the NBA.

Speaking of THE.

There is a really good series called The Seventies.  An episode was talking about the music of the 70's. My god did the music suck in the 70s, early 70s was OK, late . . OMG.  ANYWAY - they were showing newscasts and one was "a  music group has finally dethroned The Beatles, they are called The Led Zeppelin.

THE? Led Zeppelin?  At what point do you start adding "the" to things.

We watched The Nixon episode. WOW - such a bizarre times.  I guess I was not paying close attention to details.


Watching Outlander - great great story.  I got the DVDs from the library (finally).  There is a reason I was 135th in line.  I totally love this tale and feel I need to read all 10 or so books now.  

I have more serious things I'm reading besides "Taking Chances - Winning with Probability" which is
a little dry "Wolverine - Old Man Logan" which is a story of a dystopian future where Wolverine stopped being a hero 50 years in the past and is taking a road trip.

Cardinal Comics in Columbus (111 S Ludington) has a fantastic variety of adult graphic novels.  And a lot of great things for kids. Stop in and check them out sometimes.  ANY reading is good reading.


Speaking of making our downtown more friendly - I bet we could get something like this for cheap.  Donated paint and have high school art students do the work.  Get them involved with Columbus and be proud of something.

I bet the owner of this building would love to have his building be something special and this would cover up the stars of blight. It would be win win.

Make the mural a historic piece that augments our historical downtown.

Well - it's a vision at least.

Nuff Said.

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