Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Crazy amount of rain last night in a short period.  I missed it being in City Council but it's all recorded.    For a 6 minute period Columbus was in a 5.38 inch per hour rain deluge.  That is pretty significant and hurricane-like . . .except hurricane's go on and on and on.

Total last night was was about 1.3 inches.   Madison got 1.5 inches.  Ellsworth in Pierce County received 7.26 inches.  Temperatures should be dropping all day and VERY windy - HELLO NEW AIR MASS!   A very strong unusual LOW is pushing our way creating all sorts of wind.

Windows 10 - Everything I have is Windows 7 which is running just fine.  Not sure what Win10 does unless I have a touch screen and problems are starting to pop up.  Think I'll pass.


Trick or Treat will be ON Halloween (a Saturday) AND  at night 5 to 8.  Seems to be getting positive reactions.    I know I did trick or treat as a kid in the 60s when society was much MUCH more dangerous and it was one of the best, most remembered holidays in my past!  


Little League Softball World Series - a team was accused of throwing a game to prevent another team from advancing. Those little tykes are growing up so fast.


Idaho has joined Colorado and are removing all mile markers with 420 on them because they are being stolen. Those crazy stoners love that number.  It's a odd story on why 420 is important and you have to be stoned to understand it . . . or even care.  

Mile markers are now 419.9


$11.9 BILLION is forecast to be spend on advertising for the 2016 election.  $1 BILLION of that will be on digital advertisements! 

gotta work  - cheerio!