Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The death of Cheers

First of all the BIG news - For the first time in MLB history the home teams won all 15 games Tuesday!  The previous best was 11-0 which occurred Sept 16 1989. I'm sure you remember that day as the day Debbye Turner was crowned Miss America (seriously, that was the big news on that day).


I read a piece about what would happen if the sun BLINK disappeared. Just vanished.

Well . . . nothing would happen FOR EIGHT MINUTES!  Then we would be cast into total darkness and the planets would go spinning off into space.  We would still have electricity and would be a functioning society for a while but getting a little colder. In six months the average temperature of the world would be 32ish. But really - it would be all about the Kardashians and how they are holding up.


What the REAL polls are saying on the debate.

Instead of picking and choosing what poll to look at what if you looked at  ALL the polls since The Debate.

The winners?
Carson's brain
Cruz (not Tom)

The biggest losers
Walker (the only candidate to loss  in every single poll)
Trump (no matter what he tells you)

Then there is Bernie!  Bernie has lost his edge. He gets big crowds but is not getting more people to like him and is losing ground to Hillary.


I want to make a heart felt condolences to Nancy Osterhaus who sadly had to say goodbye to her beloved Clydesdale, Hank.  Hank ate a mayfly that was carrying Potomac Horse Fever and one week later Hank crossed the BIG rainbow bridge.  I am so so sorry Nancy.


Then there is Hydro Street.  Sad sad news.  When Public Enemies hit Columbus there was a huge group of people that all of a sudden found a reason to love Columbus.  A vast group of citizens that never went out for a drink to talk to others.  There was nowhere in Columbus for adults to mingle in relative safety and The Kurth seemed like a great meeting place.  Many long term friendships were formed but the Kurth is not open that often.

That faded until Hydro Street opened and all of a sudden there was once again a reason for this group of people to go out.  Many many of those very same people found that Hydro Street was a place where you could go to get a drink with "like" neighbors for GOOD beer.

A quick sideways paragraph.  I know Dan who owns Eddies in Sun Prairie (200 craft beers).  It was a normal cheap beer bar like Columbus has.  I asked him how he turned a cheep beer bar into a huge successful packed craft beer bar.

Dan said he went to every bar in the area and asked about their price.  Then he want back and raised his price above those.  Patrons complained "how am I suppose to get drunk with those prices"  EXACTLY!!!  And in comes the craft beer crowd who want the flavor, not just the alcohol.

AND he said he needed to get great burgers!  They have awesome food.   

Hydro was like CHEERS. A social meeting place.  I always called it more like an Island Bar.  There was no atmosphere like Hydro in a 50 mile radius that I know of.   Sadly an amazing atmosphere does not pay the bills and once again hundreds of families and individuals will once again not go out and spend money downtown.

People at their closing told me "we have no reason to come to Columbus now" and "we are not losing a bar, we are losing a family".

The good news is social media will help as literally hundreds of people from Columbus and surrounding communities have signed up to stay involved until a new place to frequent comes along. And it will I believe, at some point.  There is a pent up demand for a laid back, safe bar where a single woman, family with children, tourists and people who want craft beer can go and hang out.

And FUN is not dead.  The Urban Ninja's have no place to meet but they are certainly not dead.        

As Hydro street fades there are still good things happening.  Cardinal Comics who have had a soft opening is doing well and will have a grand opening soon. The Badger Motor Car Company continues to renovate their large building next to Julies Java and will be pretty cool as Darvin's vision is outstanding. We have a new AAA Insurance(???) downtown.  The Governor Lewis Mansion continues to renovate and weddings and receptions for next year are starting to be booked.

In the near future more business by the highway will start to be built next to the Travel Center.  There were 3 new homes built behind the new beautiful water tower and 10 more lots were sold. Columbus is far far from stagnant but we did lose two people that had a vision of what Columbus COULD be.

But we STILL need a place for a good burger and beer that is not made of corn or rice.


This was the latest photo I put on Fine Art America today. Wouldn't this look awesome on a shower curtain? 

Have a great day