Wednesday, September 9, 2015

budget season, oh joy!

Well - it's budget season, oh joy!  Just when I free up a night with golf league vanishing I have extra City Council duties.

Last week we went over "infrastructure" (I don't like calling it "roads" as there are more to roads then meet the eye) and last night was Senior Center and the Sewer Budget along with a "how can we please you" session which was a good thing. This means "what numbers and in what format is best for doing budgets" for you guys!

Last year seemed rather  . . . . convoluted with a number of surprises but now that a majority of us have been through this once it should be easier.


So far this year Columbus has had 10 new single family homes and 7 multi family homes!  Seems like a good thing.


In things you could really care less about . . . or actually you could not care less. I had my fantasy draft Friday night.  I upped the stakes a level this year as the last two years I have been in the money coming in 2nd place both times.  Ching ching.

So using the same technique as in the past 2 years I THINK I did well but in an unconventional way according to the "experts".

I picked 7th and my #2 pick overall dropped down to me and I picked up

HB Marshawn Lynch - SWEET

but by the time my 2nd pick came around there were 8 running backs chosen and the top 4 WRs so I picked up

QB Andrew Luck which was my #1 pick for QB - SWEET

but then I had to wait 13 more picks.  The 3rd round is where things start to get weird and the top 10 WRs were gone and I NEEDED one.

WR DeAndre Hopkins - I would later see WR is my weakest area which does not really concern me because in the last 2 years I'm always able to fill in with weekly pick-up.

The other picks went great

I got my #2 overall TE pick Jimmy Grahm and My #1 overall DEF pick Seattle

SO - we shall see how things go.  Big money riding this year!  I seem to be a Seattle fan this year (along with the Packers).


Then there is BIG BROTHER.  I know I know  snooze!  I get it.  But for people that love "game theory" or have played thinking strategy games this is just an outstanding show.  Pure 100% strategy, not what you think it is if you only watch 1 episode.  It's like the board game Diplomacy, seriously.

Last year the game was dominated my an undercover cop who morphed himself  into the people he was playing with. Changed his talking patterns, his looks to fit in and dominated.

This year we have the #2 female poker player in the world who at first I hated and now I am in awe.  Being a rather good poker player myself (at one time with literally 1.2 million hands of online poker - I had specialized software) I can appreciate how she is controlling the other contestants to do whatever she wants them to do.

Just when you believe she backed herself into a corner with a wrong move, the next week you see that she was thinking way way farther ahead then you believed.  It's truly awesome.


Weather - I've been really curious to see what happens temperature-wise Friday and Saturday.  The talking heads on TV have been SO conservative for a week when every scientific forecast says something else.       

Heads - middle to upper 60s Friday and Saturday.  Science says 61 and 62.   LAST Saturday the Heads were saying lower 70s and Science was saying 63.


Did you know that only 18% of student loans of $100,000 go into default?   Loans of $1000 to $5000 34% are defaulted.


Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting from the Big Bang Theory (I dislike that show) and Sofia Vergara from Modern Family (I LOVE that show) tied as the highest paid female TV actors last year, each making 28.5 MILLION dollars on their shows!  


McDonalds uses 2 BILLION eggs annually and will switch over to 100% cage free chickens this year and all antibiotics will be gone by 2017. And remember - McDonalds will go ALL DAY Breakfast starting next month.

 OK - nothing else at the moment

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  1. I advise you to pick up cory bradford if you get the chance. Break out with the eagles.