Friday, September 11, 2015

Chaos In The Sky

I have watched almost every thing I can find on 911.  Sort of obsessed I would guess on everything 911.  The best thing I have seen and it's been on recently is called "9/11 Tapes: Chaos In The Sky" and is a collection of all the tapes from Air Traffic Controllers and the Military during the chaotic few hours.

It's is truly fascinating listening what was going down behind the scenes.  For instance NEADS the North East Air Defense Sector who is responsible for protecting the east coast were a few minutes away from starting a "faux" war exercise when things started happening and "Is this real world?" kept getting ask or was this part of the exercise.  

As one commander said "we went from an easy day to full on war mode in one hour".

If you get a chance look for "9/11 Tapes: Chaos In The Sky".


I like to call myself a patriot but it seems the word "patriot" has been stolen by the far right with all the tea party bullshit and so forth.  It seems being a proud American has turned into some sort of political position.

America has a rich history, our folk tales our mythology and our heroes.  Our country was founded on the concept of laws and now some royal lineage or race or military power.  We we continue to grow and change laws for the better and learn from mistakes.

I find it appalling that a group calling itself the tea party is using my patriotism to spread their lies, BS, anger and bigotry.  

Sorry sorry.  I had a bout of Revolutionary War fascination and while The Greatest Generation might be the WWII you can't just say the people that actually created our country were not the TRUE Greatest Generation.


Science wins over talking TV heads.  High today is 63 and NOT low 70's as they advertised last week.  Next chance of rain will be Thursday and we should warm up to 80 by Wednesday after a few cool but sunny days.  More clouds as time goes by today as a upper level trough moves through but will clear off for a sunny cool day tomorrow.  Nothing but sun until late Wednesday.

AN odd thing was NOAA was saying don't be surprised by waterspouts over Lake Michigan for a few days.


I took these covering a parade in Clyman a while ago!


Have a great weekend - GO PACK!!  

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