Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chapel of the Archangels

Blog #1500 - nothing special.

All sorts of weather coming our way - chance of a T-Storms this afternoon as the first ripple wave from the approaching front moves through but the main event will be tonight around 9:00.  Pay attention to this one as there could be some rotation possibilities.

LOTS of rain with some locally heavy downpours in the 1 to 2 inch per hour chance. We're looking at 3/4 to an inch of rain tonight in a short period!  Then clearing tomorrow as the front stalls just south.  That strong LOW moves up the stalled front from the south and clips Wisconsin tomorrow night around 9:00.  The models are in some disagreement but the European model has been pretty good lately and another 1/2 to an inch of rain for Friday night.

Rain should linger Saturday morning.  The NAM model says much of the day but it's been forecasting like it's a Chicago Bear so . . . . .


I think I tore my medial meniscus last Saturday throwing some free style Frisbee (ultimate Frisbee on steroids) with Elwood. It
would be the third time for that knee.  First time was high school on the tennis team, second time was playing softball in the 90s in a tournament and now.  I'll find out tomorrow. Not a big deal for most things but jumping, twisting and diving seem to not be what my knee wants to do.  WHO KNEW!  No blog tomorrow - DR appointment.


 I had the opportunity to shoot some photos at the Chapel of the Archangels in Beaver Dam. It's a wedding chapel owned by some people I met at Hydro Street a few months ago.  I'm not sure why but whenever I'm asked to take photos of a place the attic is always a destination.  I've climbed around the attic of the Columbus Auditorium and up to the clock tower and now I was in the attic and clock tower of this 120 year old church.

Downstairs where it's a little cooler is where the color was (and a few beers).
There is a reception area and nice dance floor in the basement and this is the 1st floor.

NOT saying the attic was not a pretty cool place to visit but I'm not sure I would bring a wedding party up there.

What I marvel at is that this was built in 1903 and completed in 1905 by hand basically. It was a church for 112 years   It's located on an Indian Mound and is 6 stories tall, the tallest building in Beaver Dam.  It has beautiful stain glass which I have not gotten to yet.  

SO - that was my excitement last night . . . besides the GOP debate which I missed the middle part over because I was getting angry and had to watch Venessa on Big Brother (the poker player) win again and is now in the final three.

Speaking of the GOP - most organizations have Walker coming in 10th out of 11 last night!


Seems a lot of people want to buy my latest beer. Sorry, can't do it.  HOWEVER - it should be on tap at a new LARGE brewery in the works in Sun Prairie which I'm involved with (being the treasurer of the Sun Prairie Worthogs).   I'm also shopping it around to a couple other breweries in the area.

It's an East Indian Porter.  Meaming LOTS of European hops which are more earthy then American citrus hops.  Dark, delicious and very hoppy but very balanced.

India Pale Ale (IPA) were consumed by officers of ships while the lessor known East India Porters (EIP) were consumed by the sailors.

IBU?  International Bittering Unit is a measure of how much hops is in a beer.  ABV is a measure of how much malt is in a beer which is also alcohol.  Your tongue can only register 100 IBU.

A Miller has about 10 IBUs


Have a great day - watch the weather tonight, pay attention.

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