Thursday, September 3, 2015

Doctor B and Bubba

SO! Brady got off on a technicality - basically the Players Union said that since no one told the players WHAT the penalty was of obstruction of justice or whatever they could not be penalized.

Now we see why lawn mowers have a warning that you should not pick them up to trim hedges while the mower is running.  

But in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal as the REAL penalty that actually means something and really hurts New England is the loss of draft picks.  This is a long term hurt and is much much more harmful then an elderly QB missing 4 game.


An image of the hops I picked except I can't find a square old barnwood frame.  I can find a 22x28 frame so I might have to redue it.


Final night of golf league was last night and I went from great shots to suck. Disappointing season after last years best ever season.  I think it was boredom, lack of concentration and a set of new clubs.  I only golfed at one other course this year which leads me to think my concentration a little null.

When I made contact I was really pleased but unlike last year way way to many mishits.  Add another new used driver with a new shaft and never hitting it outside until league play . . . that was a little tough.  Plus I was in my best shape in at least 15 years. Wasted year.

For anybody who cares.  sigh


I was contacted by the Weather Underground asking if I would like to make a guest appearance on the Weather Underground Show which airs 5-7pm on the Weather Channel, If . . . .anything exciting happens in Wisconsin.  WELL, WHERE WAS THAT LAST MONTH!!

I sent in all my information.   My station had 3000+ hits last month and 280 so far this month,

Vista Circle KWICOLUM2


I cannot believe Walker blamed all the Police shootings on Obama. Seriously.  Heard it last night. In fact he said that since Obama took office police shootings are up.  Fact checking that is just another lie as they are actually down.  Good God is this guy for real?  I think he is dry trumping for attention.


I have a new app for my phone.  I knew of the website but not its an app.  It's for movies.  It's called Run Pee.  It tells you when the best time to run to the bathroom during a movie.

For instance - a really good movie I want to was Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (the best of the series)   it says the recommended time was at the 51 minute mark right after Iisa says "He'll fine me. I've seen to that"  You have 4 minutes.  But if there is an emergency pee go at the 1 hour 20 minute mark after the motorcycle chase. a 3 minute break.

You can also set it so there is a timer that will vibrate in your pocket of an upcoming pee break.

Ya gotta love technology.


Then there is Doctor B and Bubba who chased done a drunken driver on their horses in Madison. Too funny!

Police Incident Report


My new best friend Helen Avakian (we're still on a two name basis) who reads the blog will be performing at The Hop Garden in Paoli this Sunday.   DJ says try the Farmstead Ale - it's awesome . . .and she is not a beer drinker.  Yea - when I have a new beer I made and ask her to try it she will put literally one drop on her tongue and say "that's good".  sigh

I've asked her to perform in Columbus (she said yes). . . .when we actually have a venue (there is hope).  Speaking of venues, I'm working on getting a beer garden going in Columbus at Firemans Park. It would be great to have something every Friday evening outside with performing artists and GOOD beer but NOT in that caged in area where it feels like we 're trapped in some dive road house. Something where people can sit under trees on the grass, sipping beer listening to music. We could even utilize the outside of the Pavilion.  It's a vision held by a number of people.


This image will be in a new book about Columbus that is at the printers.  

Nope nope not that one - sorry - I found this in my files

It was this one of Enerpac - I always get the Enerpac ones just to create controversy!  :-)

I have not seen the book, all I know is that it's all about Columbus and its history and since Enerpac has been part of Columbus since 1910 and makes the worlds largest hydraulics it gets mentioned.

They were part of building Miller Parks roof as one of their small projects!


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