Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goodby summer - hello summer

A lot of Autumn Blaze Maples in Columbus have started to turn color already - seems early but when I drove around it was not just mine. 

Here we go with the heat.  Very interesting weather.  A huge change in the overall weather patterns in the entire US.  This is a big glob of heat moving north, way north into Canada.   Here is the odd thing.  A lot of the moisture making it feel sticky is coming from evapotranspiration from the corn. 

The corn is releasing moisture into the air as it dry's.  WHO KNEW!!   Yesterday was the last day of meteorological summer.  On average evapotranspiration reverses and streams and ground water start to refill because crops no longer need the water as before.  However that is the "average" date and with our cool summers that we have had the past 3 years it's a little longer in Wisconsin.  

Expect the next two days to flirt with 90 and then into the upper 80s until at least Sunday but that end date for heat has been slowly sliding so I would not count out Monday still being warm. 

Longer term we are looking at a very defined El Nino effect and Wisconsin will have a much warmer fall and into winter.  The Godzilla El Nino is still growing and I will not be surprised if we have a thunderstorm on Christmas this year.   This will mean big rain for California and a much warmer winter for the upper midwest  . . including fall.  


Speaking of politics.  

Bernie sander still is struggling and don't get your hops up.  He is way way way behind where Obama was and still gets only 5% of the black and Hispanic vote. And he is not even a Democrat so . . . .

Then there is Biden would would be the oldest President EVER if he ran (he won't).  The Clinton media problems are only media and while it looks like she is eroding a little that is what it is. a LITTLE.  She is so so far ahead of anybody it's crazy.  

On the other side we are still dry trumping with the Donald who loves attention but Ben Carleson (the guy with zero political ability but a very large brain) could be a problem but Ben has zero chance of anything.  Walker keeps sliding as he misspeaks and then has to ask the Koch Brothers what he SHOULD have said. 

OH the Canadian wall thing, "I was confused - sorry".  YEA - hard to confuse BUILDING A 5000 MILE WALL!!!     

It's Bush or MAYBE Christie vs. Clinton. 


Then there is Auschwitz - sigh.   Europe is in the middle of a huge killing heatwave and the people at the Auschwitz Museum thought they were being so kind when they installed a mister system to help people cool off.   You walk into the museum and sprinklers over your head would mist a gentle spray on you . . . . . . . seems some people did not appreciate that.   


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