Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Horicon Marsh

Took a spur of the moment drive to the Horicon Marsh and found the go to place for future photos in the fall.  Go to the Horicon "TernPike" Auto Tour and Hiking Trails top left on that map.

Take the driving tour and stop at the floating boardwalk.  THAT is the best place I have found yet.

Sadly since this was a spur of the moment I did not have the lens I needed for the best photos.  Having a clear blue sky which I hate for photography I did not think I would be taking large scenic photos.  BLAH!!  Damn it. I was forced to take close ups of turtles.

I did manage to get one sort of shot of the floating boardwalk to give you an idea but on a windy day and a 200mm lens it was not the cleanest so I had to mess with it to cheat.

And on the way out of the Marsh we came across an Egret!

And these guys overhead making a racket!

That's it!  We'll go back later in the fall.