Monday, September 14, 2015

We're #53

random sentences because that is how my mind is working today

Getting close to post number 1,500.  How exciting is that!

I received my first credit card with a chip. Now I need to upgrade my Square reading to except chip cards which will cost me $30.

Living on Vista Circle we have the wonderful sound addition of explosions and general quarry beeping and rock grinding early in the morning! AND THEY START EARLY!!  Had to get up and close the windows.

It's going to be an awesome week weather-wize.  Highs in the 80's and low's near 60 and low humidity.  Rain Friday and then back into the middle 70s.  

The game changing Godzilla El Nino continues to grow. Game changing meaning that "we" have been stuck with a Pacific high off the coast of California for 3 or 4 years now creating a drought (perhaps you have heard of this). 

Well, this  El Nino has a very good potential of rebooting things and pushing this out of the way and changing things dramatically.  Wisconsin has had cool summers for a few years now and this could change along with rain coming to CA.

I'm expecting a warm fall and a warm winter (thunderstorms on Christmas). 

Anybody watch any football this weekend?  That new rule about Extra Points officially started.  Last year 99.3% of extra points were made.  This year 93.7%. So far so good.

My fantasy team ended with 104 points, 12 points higher then predicted while my opponent who was forecast to beat me AND was predicted to win 13 games needs Carlos Hyde of the 49ers to score literally 7 touchdowns tonight in order to beat me!   I'm feeling comfortable.

CORRECTION from last week - I have NOT literally played 2 million hands of online poker - that should have read 1.2 million hands. Not counting practice hands I have on some pretty sophisticated software (I can play JJ (the glass hammer) 2000 times in a row, which I have). 

I received an email on my government server that says "I saw your business today Mon, 14 Sep 2015 and found it very interesting. . 

Well, that is just fine - "what do you think my business does" might be my first question.

NEXT SATURDAY - The new Cardinal Comics (who seem to be doing very well an 111 S
Ludington) is having their grand opening this coming Saturday with LOTS of things going on.  If you have a kid you might want  take them down and check the place out!  OR just check it out your self. I just read Wolverine Old Man Logan  very good.

Narrow Street.  The County is coming in and paving Narrow Street.  This is the first I heard about it and I have no idea why the County is doing it.

There has been more interests in the "old" Hydro Street with a few STRONG interests.  Of course when I mentioned this online it became an anti government whine on how "we" are an anti business government.  All I will say is if a business depends on a visit of a governmental official, how strong is it in the first place.  

Moses Malone pass away Sunday, he was 60. Three-time NBA MVP. First player to go into the pros rigt out of High School.

OH OH - I was talking to a Madison bus driver last week and how bus drivers hate the 1st few weeks of school in Madison.  Seems the gangs (mostly teenage girls now) all try to be the biggest baddest assholes and beat up bus drivers.  He predicted there would be a big fight at the Memorial Football game - YUP - knife wielding girls had a big fight.

And people wonder why people move to towns like Columbus. According to a website Best towns in Wisconsin we are #53!  We get a B+ in Education, A- in Housing, B+ in Jobs, this site is used by the  Wisconsin Real Estate people.   Our downfall is Weather and things to do outdoors and our health and Fitness grade.

Gotta go!!!

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