Friday, October 16, 2015

Back from The Door

I won't bore you with details (at the moment) on the mini vacation to Door County except I think we will try Bayfield next year.  Once you get to know a place like the back of your hand and have taken all the photos over and over . . . it's time for a new adventure.

ANYWAY - a problem I always have is that I have so many "snapshots" that people don't see because they are now  . . . wonderful . . but I suppose interesting. 

For instance

From a Fish Boil.  

I also have many images from EAA and so many others people never see. 

So I think I'll create a Snapshot blog,  Few words and just photos!  Sort of like the Public Enemies Photos  blog I had.

WITH THAT SAID - here are a couple shots I had from Tuesday and Thursday

Highway 42 east of Gills Rock

  The story behind this is that long ago there was a battle between the power company and the County on a road being built.  Seems Power won and the County built the road around the power poles.  Poles have since been removed.

this is the 9th hole of the Blue Course at Alpine Golf in Egg Harbor.  A 266 yard downhill shot!

"The Most Scenic Hole in the State of Wisconsin."

I hit my 2nd shot, a 7 wood to the white trap on the left (207 yards). First shot hit the colorful trees somewhere on the right!  

So once I get the other site up - I'll let ya know!

And yes - the colors were pretty much as you see - amazing!!


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