Monday, October 5, 2015


After my secret meeting with The Pope I needed to take a week of from blogging to collect myself.  I should have warned people I suppose but . . . .


Saturday it was pretty windy and here is why! 

OOPS - wrong file - sorry - BUT, since I uploaded it . . . .  this is one of my favorite paintings of all time - I just love this one I found a few year ago and kept it.  It has the same random numbers as a file name as the below image I captured Saturday.

BACK ON TOPIC.  this was an image of the jet stream Saturday afternoon.


Normally this is the week we spend in Door County but with so much Columbus political stuff going on and the fact that I will miss the NEXT City Council meeting (my 2nd since I have been an aldermen) in a few weeks we postponed the vacation a week.

NEXT week we will spend in Door and the oddity is this will be the first time ever that my brother and I will be in Door County at the same time.  So weird. 

Speaking of weather - we should hit 70 tomorrow or at least be REAL close but WAIT - Next Monday we will flirt with 80!  Middle to upper 60s this week except for Friday, some rain Thursday.


The average person in American consumes 53.9 pounds of beef a year, the lowest amount since 1970 and beef prices are moving lower because of this. 

The New York Jets played in London this weekend and they took along 350 rolls of toilet paper because they felt London toilette paper was inferior. 


There was another mass killing on the US and everybody is all up in arms again calling for changes. Nothing will happen because as long as we pretend that by doing nothing, by changing nothing it will never happen again. 

Of course you have the group that say we should arm teachers and by putting more guns in schools we are safer.  That is just ignorance.   On a side note - San Francisco has only one gun store and it's closing.


Governor Walker was asked if he would ever run for President again (remember, in the history of Presidential candidates no candidate has ever had a shorter official candidacy from start to finish, EVER) well, Walker's answer was there was a one in one million chance . . . . . so he is not ruling it out it seems.   Remember, he was also NOT going to go after unions either. 

It's still going to be Clinton vs, Jeb although Mike Huckabee is making some strides. Don't listen to the polls that the media is presenting, nothing but BS and trying to make up their own news.  I love Bernie but he has zero chance.  Clinton is stronger now then at the same time vs. Obama 6 years ago.

Her favor-ability ratings are higher then 6 years ago.  PERSONALLY I would like Elizabeth Warren but she is not running so . . . . .


Have I ever posted this image?  It's of the Illinois State House (I guess they call it that).  It's smaller then our Capitol but MUCH more colorful. Our's is majestic, there is beautiful.

Damn flatlanders.


Watched SPY with Melissa McCarthy and it was seriously funny.  A real movie with fantastic audio an actual plot, a little gore that somehow was funny and some of the best one line insults I've ever heard.  Her movies are normally pretty bad but this one is hilarious.  Flixter gave it a very high 83% rating.  

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  1. FYI Arming people has worked in the past but everyone has forgotten.In the 60's we deployed under cover marshals to stop plane hijacks and it did