Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Colonial Club Ale Fest in Sun Prairie

knowitall commented yesterday - "FYI Arming people has worked in the past but everyone has forgotten.In the 60's we deployed under cover marshals to stop plane hijacks and it did"

True true - but an air marshal might be a little more experienced then a school teacher/cowboy wanna be.  We could always arm the children, teach them to fend for themselves in this harsh cruel world.


Don't look now but Columbus is having a growth streak.  15 new single family homes have been or are being built in 2015.  If three people move into each home and using the Common Core Box method of multiplication

     10    5
3   30  15  
45 new people in Columbus. This does not count the multi family dwellings also going up.


I've gotten a few emails about our new TIF which is now official. Ottery Trucking might be the first resident of the TIF.  They wash the INSIDE of tanker trucks which I guess is something that needs to be done more often according to state officials. There are currently no "inside truck" wash's in this part of Wisconsin and should be a big deal in coming years.

There is another company also in the truck industry looking to move into the TIF and if you want a vision for the future you could imagine a hotel going up sooner or later to house all the truckers. With all those truckers maybe Eisenga land will start to grow.

WOW - a little controversy last night in the football game. Who knew it was illegal to bat a ball out of bounds to basically win the game for Seattle.  That was a HUGE mistake by the refs. Seems the refs love helping Seattle get calls to win games.

Although no one actually KNEW about that rule.


Who is tired of DraftKing and FanDuel ad's. WELL - WHO KNEW that unregulated online "gambling" might have a dark side. Seems employees of DraftKings took their inside knowledge and were placing "wagers" at FanDuel and winning large sums of money (like $350,000 on $25 bets).  Of course they say they were doing nothing illegal which is basically true since there were no actual rules saying you CAN'T do that.

Having done a lot of online activity myself in the early 2000s I was staying away from those two companies.  Online poker and blackjack and casinos (I never did casinos) were basically honest.

Only two companies were caught and both went under very quickly (meaning I got my money out in the nick of time). I will say that online poker is MUCH MUCH safer then brick and mortar poker.


I did not know they actually kept track of this but a new musical that is impossible to get tickets too in NY is 2 hours and 23 minutes long and has 20,520 words in it.  That is 144 words a minute!


In world news the anti Obama people will be all up in arms with a new trade deal with 12 countries on the Pacific Rim (except China) signing on.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

"Lower tariffs on US goods that’ll make other countries want to buy American stuff. Fewer restrictions on the international dairy market, making it easier for the US to milk it. Increased access to advanced US drugs. Critics say it’ll send jobs overseas. Supporters say it’ll boost US exports, and help Team USA and friends take on Team China."

This is a very big WIN for Obama but of course the "I hate everything you stand for" Congress has to vote.
Then there is Cheerios - When they said "Glutton Free" I guess that "Free" part was not actually 100% truthful!  Well, what could possibly go wrong!
McDonald's will start ALL DAY BREAKFASTS!!  almost!  no McGriddles or bagels or hash browns.  BASICALLY they are just expanding their menu with a few more items.  NO BIG BREAKFASTS?  Well screw you McDonald's.      


Life in Pieces - 2nd episode - very funny show!  A surprise hit in my book!  I wrote that one off with previews but DJ and I both think it's very good!


I brewed my East Indian Porter yesterday preparing for the Colonial Club Ale Fest in Sun Prairie November 6th.  This is a pretty big ale fest, if you are a craft beer drinker you should think about going!

Here is an article about our club in the newspaper.

Sun Prairie Wort Hogs brew for fest

talk at ya later.


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