Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane Patricia

I was not going to blog today - getting a late start but the weather not HERE is interesting - the strongest hurricane ever recorded in our hemisphere is about to hit Mexico. Hurricane Patricia is the mother of all hurricanes with constant winds in excess of 200mph.  At the moment it is 15mph short of the all time record in the world.

Hurricane Patricia also has the largest pressure drop ever observed in a tropical cyclone in a 24 hour
period.  Basically this is a huge EF5 tornado along with a 20 foot tsunami at the same time.

Later this week this will bring heavy flooding to Texas.


For us the weather will get a little wet Friday night into Saturday with a good steady rain starting this afternoon.  After the showers dissipate Saturday Sunday will see nothing but sun and light winds with average temps in the 58 range.

I really don't have much more to say at the moment - Home Brew club last night where the talk was the two breweries  - Hydro Street and the new large one in Sun Prairie that is in the works.  Lots of talk about a group from Rio and Hydro Street but nothing solid yet and talk is talk. Problem is the place is a mess and would probably need to be gutted and reformed.

Sun Prairie is still working out the million dollar financing and is still moving forward and my East Indian Porter might be on tap permanently but that is a ways off yet.

ColoniALE Fest is Friday November 8th in Sun Prairie if you happen to want to try this beer as it will be one of 56 beers from 25 breweries.  Our club will have 8 beer including our new nitro system.

You can get tickets HERE.

Nuff said.  Need more coffee!


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