Monday, October 19, 2015

rain? When?

Now that I have recovered from the Packer game but then uncovered from my fantasy sports team.

My fantasy game is over - neither team has players that will play tonight but get this - here are the projected scores from this week of the other 4 games.

Game 1 102 to 92
Game 2 101 to 89
Game 3  87 to 86
Game 4  87 to 87 close game

those are pretty much the average scores 


I LOSE  139 to 141  I LOSE BY 2 with 139 points!! 

Last week I lost 104 to 116
the week before I lost 78 to 84
the week before that I lost  118 to 122

sigh!  So I'm 1 and 5 and pretty much out of it even though I have the 3rd highest scoring in the league.  sigh!   That $50 went down the drain!

Weather - When was the last time it rained!!!   I went back and was trying to find rain. The last drop of water that came from the sky was at 1:03PM September 29th!

Expect it to be PRETTY windy today as we are in the bulls eye for high wind.  We might see some virga potential so there is rain . . . . . just not reaching the ground.  As NOAA is saying about today "a rather chaotic wind structure."    They are all excited!!  Could have a few 40mph gusts today.  We also should be near 70 today and middle 70s Tuesday and Wednesday then cooling off to normal again.


The Daily Citizen had all the Trick or Treat times listed,  Of teh 16 towns only ONE was on Sunday, Of the 15 on Saturday 11 started at 4:00 or later.  Columbus is 5 to 8:00.
 Interesting news the last few days.

The US killed a rather high al-Qaeda dude this weekend.  He was responsible for handling al-Qaeda money and fighters and finding routs for fighters to move between countries.  This is a big WIN for the US.

Hawaii has the highest per capita rate of homeless of any State and have declared a state of emergency.  If I was homeless I would want to be in Hawaii also.

Canada elects a new government today and Justin Trudeau's liberal party was ahead in the polls.

75% of maple syrup comes from Quebec and there are 25 Quebec residents on trial for trying to steal $18 million in syrup. A sticky situation.

Scott Kelly broke a record in space with his 383 consecutive day in space.

Fan Duel spent $81 million in advertising in August and September.


We went pool table shopping Saturday and have done a lot of learning but my big question is . . .Who plays bumper pool anyway???

But back to pool tables - Do not buy a Brunswick table that was made after 2000.  Seems that are pretty bad.  Before 2000 they were GREAT, after - trash.  As one review says after 2000 they are all imported and very low quality.

We are looking at a 8 foot Legacy table with 1 inch Brazilian slate made in America. This is part of a finishing the basement project (probably have a blog about it).  Of course there will be a kegorator in the plans so have to figure out THAT foot print.

Why are shuffle board twice as expensive as a pool table.  Too bad.  We found one really nice one FOR $8000!  Forget that!!  Pool tables are must less and more playable. Of course air hockey and foosball would be sweet or a REAL pin ball machine!

Meeting with the architect today.  Exciting.


Here are a few more photos from up north!

Fish Creek Wisconsin


This painter was painting so I took a shot and made it painterly.  But her head blends in a little too much.