Friday, October 9, 2015

The Grinder

Sam Dekker watch on The Houston Rockets

Preseason Game #1 
25 minutes
1-5 Field Goals
 3 rebounds
4 steals
4 Personal Fouls
3 points

Preseason Game #2

28 minutes
5-10 Field goals
4 rebounds
1 assist
1 steal
1 personal foul
12 points

Frank Kaminsky watch on Charlotte Hornets 
Preseason Game #1 

9 minutes
3-6 Field goals
4 rebounds
1 Block shot 
7 points

Preseason Game #2

27 minutes
3-11 Field Goals
11 Rebounds
3 assists
3 personal Fouls
9 points


I feel sorry for the GOP at times because I know many Republicans who are sane people and many of them actually LIKE Obamacare.  But the far far right seem to have their claws on their backs.  The ones that were voted in because "anybody is better then what we have".  Well . . . how is that working out for you.  

That, is the problem with politics.  REAL politicians know how to work the system and understand the art of compromise.  Once you get non-politicians in office who have vowed to never compromise that is when you have issues. 


The Holiday Train will make it's way to Columbus Friday night December 4th. This will make it a little easier to actually see the train as it's a FRIDAY!!  


One source tells me Lodi has a heroin problem - just sayin'.  


It's so weird watching The Grinder - Rob Lowe's new, very very good comedy. Reason is Grinder is my nickname (started way way back in the late 90's when I was a Black Jack card counter, before I started writing about poker for Full Tilt Magazine). So it's weird.

Check out that comedy - it's on Tuesdays so you have to DVR it if you are watching or doing something else on Tuesdays.    
DJ and her dad were photographed for the cover of an upcoming Insight Magazine that talked about the USS Indianapolis! 

OH - while we were in Indianapolis this summer I took this shot. They were a nurse organizational having an national reunion - not sure that one woman appreciated me! 

OK - baby sitting time - have a great warm weekend. Play hard!