Friday, November 6, 2015

600 BILLION - and we are concerned with 8 Million?

So everyone is getting all upset over the military spending 8 Million of tax payer money and giving it to Sports venues to promote the Military.  But you do know that the military budget is over 600 BILLION right? (you can fit 8 million 75,000 times into 600 billion).

Of course 10 million is a lot of money to you and me but it's a days advertising budget to someone like Fan Duel (well not really, Fan Duel spends only 3 million a day in advertising).

Wisconsin government agency's waste 10 million a year EASY on much worse things like ineptness and needless programs or knowing systems will not work but because they are in charge if they cancel the program it will look bad for THEM.  Might as well wait and have the next guy take the blame.

But I digress.

Columbus received about 0.40 inches of rain last night and a good amount of wind just after midnight!  Expect 50s to a little higher for the next week. Our average high is 47 so still above average.  warming up for Thanksgiving!!

The jobs report came out and it CRUSHED expectations  . . well . .except for Wisconsin which had the 2nd most job loss in the US last month.

The unemployment rate dropped to 5% the lowest since 2008.  Most economists say 5% is considered full employment.  Not sure how that is but . . . . 62.4% of Americans that CAN work are working.

The hourly rate of workers grew 0.4% which was better then forecast and shows that empolyers are having some trouble finding workers.  Weird.


I wonder if dogs can get sick on moldy bread put out for birds  LOL   hmmmmm

BTW - DO NOT let your dog eat sugarless gum - almost a sure way to kill them. Xylitol, a sugar substitute is very very deadly to dogs!!  Look at what you have and KEEP DOGS AWAY! Check all of your sugar free products!

We're going to sound proof our basement with recycled denim. Who knew!!   I'll tell ya one thing - finishing an entire basement is not cheap. I think my beer island will be made out of Styrofoam to save money  . . .or maybe made out of Lego's or something  GULP!


Every American paid NASA 41 cents to land a vehicle on Mars.  Pretty cheap if you ask me!


Got this from the Chief!

 I would attend but I have gov meetings Monday, Tuesday and 2 meetings on Thursday! I need ONE day off!!


have a great weekend!

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