Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bike Path Taskforce

Thanks for the comment yesterday knowitall, I actually didn't know how brackets worked as I never had to worry about them being in a low bracket - not that it helps the overall situation but handy knowledge.


I also want to thank all that showed up to the Council listening session and left their pitchforks at the door!  A lot of good information was brought forth.

The one thing I want to emphasize about the James Street project.  Being on the CSS Taskforce we were charged with creating and adjusting the look and feel of the project and we literally went over every detail in minutia.  Many things we wanted and found reason to not have and every decision was discussed the pros and cons over and over again.  Details as small as electrical outlets on the new light poles.  Some very serious discussions from turning radius of semi trucks to alternate routes and lighting, sidewalk widths, car speeds and so forth.

The one thing that I thought was weird on this whole James Street thing (not a CSS Taskforce thing) was the entire intersection near Walgreens which will be completely redone.  Several different plans were presented to us and then they asked which ones does council wanted.

What?  Us?  We make the decisions on the best vehicle movement plan? Aren't there professionals that know the science of vehicle movement?

ANYWAY - just saying the CSS Taskforce did not just meet just once and make quick decisions!

As for the rest of the budget - seems all this growth in housing has come THIS year and is not reflected in last years growth.  We're a little tight cash wise (as always) but I have not seen any major shake-up or changes.

One thing that would be nice to hear about is there is a movement to get MORE billboards surrounding Columbus.  Those big flashing LED billboards which  cause light pollution and distract drivers but bring in a small amount of money (like 10Kish).  PERSONALLY I'm totally against them from an aesthetic point of view - I think they are butt ugly and we need LESS billboards.  If we allow these why can't we just have electric signs downtown.  Do we want to look like that Oshkosh area?

Will creating ugliness really be offset by mammoth growth to the city?  I am in contact with the Mayor of Richmond who voted down these thing because citizens hated them.  I don'tbelieve the small amount of money we get offsets making the outskirts of Columbus ugly.

Just me very personal opinion.


Seems like my goal on making Columbus more bicycle friendly so we will have less cars on the road is being put on the back burner as fixing our one bicycle path was called a luxury.

I feel bicycle paths and sidewalks are a very very important part of our transportation network especially with more and more young families moving into Columbus asking for more bike paths.

Get people OUT OF CARS and onto paths.  Everything seems to be all about moving people in cars while ignoring other more ecologically sound modes of transportation.

OK - I'm off my non-motorized band wagon now!   I'm looking to create a Bike Path Task Force - if you know anyone who bikes, tell them to contact me - my goal is to have a posted bike path that goes around Columbus in a circle tour utilizing marked good roads and paths.  Make Columbus a place people enjoy.


A trailer of one of the specials that will be broadcast on HBO came out.  Here is the odd thing.  In order for HBO to show this series it needs to come from a book.  Well in this case the series came out before the book.  HBO says "we love it" but we need a book. So some famous author is writing the book from the screen play.  Coming in 2016, there are also 2 major motion pictures in the works.

This is from Serendipity.


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