Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm BACK . . .sort of!

So a large number of people (my mom) noticed I had not blogged for a while and were worried for one reason for another. One reason was that as one person said, he did not know what was going on in Columbus (even though he does not even live in the State), which is a sad sad commentary.  Oddly there is a woman in England who grew up in Columbus and one in Sweden that was a resident for a while and one in Montana who's farm has been photographed on some pretty big name artists album cover all concerned.   Seems once you have lived in Columbus you are attached for life.  

But basically I had nothing to say and was forcing it. Sure sure I could talk about how in reality Democrats are also trying to suppress the vote (which they do with off-cycle elections, well, according to Nate Silver's pretty smart team) but I won't go there because I have many friends who claim to be Democrats but it's only because their parents were Democrats.   It's like how I cannot and will not ever buy a Ford, can't do it, it's not in my DNA . . . .well . . . . now I don't know because I have a NEW DNA, not the DNA I THOUGHT I had a few months ago once it was checked and now instead of eating a lot of maze I eat fish and chips.  My dad hated Fords thus I hate Fords.  I'm actually not a fan of any American car except Saturns but they are no longer.  

But I digress. 

I have a lot to say about non-local politics but that will wait

Basically I was forcing myself to write something and it had become a chore.  

WOW - I just erased about 12 lines that MIGHT be controversial - WHAT HAVE I BECOME!!!

ANYWAY - there are so many tiny little things that are meaningless but certainly interesting that I need to share so here I am again.

For instance - last Sunday. The Sports Equinox! Only 15 times in history has there been all 4 major sports leagues playing on one day!  NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. THAT is news.

Or if you go to Sharrows Downtown you can pick up a copy if InSpire and see my wife and father in law on the cover.

Personally I have been deep in a basement renovation/kegorator project and I believe I am personally responsible for global warming as my CO2 tank had a leak for carbing my beer and this is why the weather is so warm . . . my bad!  Elevated CO2 readings across Columbus!


WEATHER YOU SAY - It ain't over.  Sure after Thursday we drop down and get really cold to only a few degrees above average.  Next weeek we will be only 6 or 7 degrees above normal before dropping to normal for a few days but then we heat up again by week #3 of November.

This has nothing to do with El Nino and is really just a jet stream anomaly. El Nino is still coming. 


I also have a new place for my images at Soular in Waterloo. As you come into Waterloo on The 89 it's one of the first places on the right.  Great pizza and super sandwiches! Check them out.  The place is owned by a fellow home brewer.


Boiled potatoes!  OMG.  Ever have the headache of pealing boiled potatoes.  Try this. Score the potato in a circle all the way around the potato. THEN boil and when they are ready the skin will just glide off in two pieces!!   BINGO!! 

I played with this image from Gills Rock in Door County.  The photo turned out boring so I was playing last night and created this.  Not AS boring.

We went to a Milwaukee Bucks game in Madison and actually saw a few people from Columbus there.  Here is my action photo. I took this with my iPhone BEFORE I upgraded the camera with all sorts of good tools.  I can now set the SIA and shutter speed and all sorts of real camera settings.  

OH OH - does ANYONE know the name or address or how I can get a hold of Stoplight Dude from Public Enemies time?  I have another stoplight fanatic who wants to get a hold of him!


Another iPhone photo of Sydney.

And here is Sydney and Caydence with their Halloween costumes. Once they were done getting candy Sydney LOVED giving out candy to the "children" coming to the door.  

The kids LOVED Halloween at night.  I was asking them their feelings and many said "it's SCARY" with HUGE smiles on their faces!!   I hope we keep it ON Halloween and at night.  Kids loved it.

That is it for now!  I'll have more in the coming days.


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