Friday, November 20, 2015

Is a Bacon Rauchbier really a good thing?

Here is an interesting fact - between 2009 and 2014,  870,000 Mexicans moved to the United States, BUT, at the same time 1 million US Citizens moved to Mexico.


The baffling storm is on its way - the forecast would be so much easier if we lived in Madison but Columbus is right on the edge so we could get 1 inch? Or if the storm wobbles 20 miles 6 inches.  Whatever we get it should start about 8ish tonight and last 12 hours.

Anyway you look at it some people are going to get pissed when they see a ticket on their car tomorrow morning if we get 2 inches!  At least we don't live in Janesville who could get 10 inches!  I'm being really conservative and thinking less then an inch.


New brewery in Sun Prairie is moving forward after another investor meeting and banks agreeing to fund a major portion of the project. This will be a 10 barrel system with expectations  to break ground next spring next to Market Street Diner.

Looking for a chemist at the moment as you can't really brew this much beer without one.  You really don't want this happening in a 10 barrel system.

I woke up this morning and my Double Chocolate Stout decided it wanted out!   Pretty active yeast I would say.

Speaking of beer- I tried a Bacon Rauchbier last night.  Tasted like bacon. Is that a good thing?  It was for a few gulps but man - all I could smell all night was bacon.


In the stock market some guy shorted an online site and lost $106,445.  The site?


Pizza - A study was done and it seems when a male eats pizza with a woman he eats 1.5 more slices on average compared to when he eats pizza with another male.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINDOWS!!  - On this date in 1985 Microsoft release it's very first version of Windows.

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  1. I got a free copy of Windows 1 from Bill Gates when he came to Madison PC users group. I installed it and since it really didn't do anything I dumped it. Should have hung on to the floppy it would be valuable. Gates was on the edge of going bankrupt and tried to sell to IBM but they declined and wrote their own system. Enough history for today.