Friday, November 13, 2015

Putting the prelim wraps in the budget

Just a few notes - our budget workshops are FINALLY over and I feel we did a good job with what we had.  Mill rates will tick up a bit but not much you can do about that until we get more growth in the city which is coming I feel. The new AND old TIFs are gaining momentum and all the new housing this year will help NEXT year.

I have to give compliments where they are do which go to our Mayor and Alderman Thom who I believe were the stars.  There will be a public meeting Tuesday where we are inviting the public but please leave your pitchforks at the door.

In some other news that I have not mentioned yet but since I hear people talking about it in lines at the grocery store I guess it's not a BIG secret.  We're getting a new pizza place on James Street and it's not a start up but one that has been in business for a while in another community - and in the words or Ulysses Everett McGill, it's bonafide!

January could be a big month for James Street with other news in the works.

County Side Ford is moving from James Street way out Maple Street under the highway.  I tell ya - I have Water and Light meetings and that area has to be the darkest spot in Columbus.  I'm going to go out there for meteor showers and star photos.  It's uncanny dark!


OK OK - Weather - the storm was a "let down". Southwest Wisconsin got hammered but we only had GUSTS to 38.  We had/have sustained winds of 18 but no HUGE threat!

We will get warm next week 15 degrees above average BUT . . . .rain rain rain and then NEXT weekend I would not be surprised to see snow  Friday night Saturday morning. One Columbus resident contacted me who must winter in Cable (I think she is mixed up - GO SOUTH IN WINTER) had lots of snow from this last storm.

After a warm Sunday head under the blankets as I doubt we will see sunshine for until the NEXT Sunday rain rain rain rain snow.  BUT 15 degrees above average!


6% of Americans could not watch the football game last night if you were color blind!  GOOD LORD - seriously?  PURE RED AND GREEN ON A GREEN FIELD?

40% of Republicans in Iowa believe their economy is doing poorly because that have been told that - ACTUALLY, Iowa's economy is doing very very well!!

Anyone see Trumps speech last night?  I think this is the beginning of the end. He is no longer having fun and is just ranting that Carson is a child molester and all sorts of hate speech.  I thought he was having a stroke or something.  He even called the Iowa voters a bunch of idiots!  YEA - That always will get you more votes!


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