Monday, November 30, 2015

Time Change

Food for thought from "M" concerning the Anonymous campaign.

 The Anonymous movement is one of the most fascinating in modern history. Most people don't understand that there is no central Anonymous brain, no accepted spokes-Anon or umbrella organization. ANYONE can call themselves Anonymous, whether one is an expert hacker SJW to a 4chan troll or neither. What's really interesting is when enough of them to coalesce for a cause they deem fit, such as the current anti-ISIS campaign, or past campaigns against Scientology, the Westboro Baptist Church, North Korea, and rapists and child pornographers. Many of the campaigns are international, and Anons are based worldwide. I wouldn't say they've "switched sides." And again, using the term "they" will always be a generality.


I'm going to have to rethink my blogging times.  There has been a major time change in my household that has rocked my world.  When DJ retired I no longer get up at 5:45 every day which means I don't start writing at 7:00 every day like I used too.  And by the time 8:30 rolls around I'm more ready to go work out then sit down and type. 10:30pm seems a better fit when I'm not doing anything . . . but who knows what my tiny brain is thinking about THEN.

Time will tell.


The holiday parade came and went with a good crowd downtown.  Dave the Econ/Tourism dude (I have no idea what his real job is anymore)  was there with an exchange student he is hosting from Norway.  I asked her where in Norway and it was "just above the Arctic Circle".

I made a comment about how it must be warmer here and she said it was MUCH warmer in Wisconsin.
As I was mingling around a few people asked about why no Art Walk this year and well, no funding and no one with energy to organize it.  If you want events you need to find someone to head the event and there needs to be an incentive to do all the footwork behind the scenes labor.

COMING UP - The holiday train

The CP Holiday Train will be stopping in Columbus on Friday December 4th at 10:45pm. This will be a 25 minute show with musical performance. Event is free.


I hope we go back to when hair styles were REALLY cool.  Just sayin'


The Macy's Thanksgiving parade was REALLY open minded this year!  Well done team.


Have I mentioned that Donald Trump is a racist and now mocks disable people and that I have no respect for the candidate OR the people that back him.  Zero.

The good thing is that the polls are completely worthless at this point.  Yea he is (or was) leading but it's not like his group is growing.  It's just that the other 25 GOP candidates are also taking people away. Once they start to coalesce he will die on the vine and blame the media.  I'm GLAD the process of elections take 2 years, otherwise he would have been elected 2 months ago by all the loonies they like him.  And if I just pissed off someone because I called you a loonie - GOOD - grow up and act like an adult, start thinking with your brain and listen to what he is saying. 


NETFLIX - wow - they have it dialed in!   hmmmm  why is my font changing . . . hold on! 


First there was Batman - The Dark Knight Comic which changed comic books forever and brought adults into the mix.  Then the Batman movies where things got a little more real and recently on Netflix a series called Daredevil came out that got attention because it dealt with how Matt Murdock became Daredevil.  Less superhero and more character development.

NOW a new series called Jessica Jones and it is the closest thing I have ever watched that makes me
want to binge.  She is a former superhero who opens her own detective agency after an end to her superhero career. She has PTSD, drinks too much, has a short fuse and this show is REALLY adult dealing with rape and mind control and just WOW!!

"strikes a balance between self-aware noir and Marvel’s first flirtations with psychological horror....not just another hit for Marvel and Netflix, but a landmark moment for female superheroes on TV."

If you have watched Supergirl, this is the exact opposite!

Marvel has grown up.

Crazy good.  So I started read up on this character and the show.  How does she fit into the Marvel Universe.  WELL - it seems there will be four of these types of shows. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will all have shows AND they will all link up in a series called The Defenders sooner or later.

Check it out!


Looking for Christmas gifts?   I'll have 2015 calendars for sale soon and I have poster prints and soon 8x12 matted prints at The Workshop.  Also if shopping downtown don't forget Sharrows and if you have kids take them to Cardinal Comics downtown for toys and so forth.
OK - nuff said IN THE MORNING.

Did you know that Woodstock was going on at the same time as Hurricane Camille?  The book I'm reading is giving a good account of both and how Camille and Woodstock did not get along!  I did not know they were at the same time.

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