Wednesday, December 30, 2015

a freaking nightmare

This is like a freaking nightmare - I drive to work today and turn into my favorite doughnut shop and it is closed (I guess not enough State workers).  So I figure someone will have SOMETHING at work, I mean good Lord, it's a State office building right?

So I get there and my free parking space that is loaned to me by a guy that can't use it for a while has a BMW parked in it - DAMN YOU - I get to work and my best friend co-worker that I have worked with for 25 years is packing as it's her last day - DAMN - and THEN . . . .the only snake I can find are GREEN BEAN CRISPS!

NO - another long time employee I see her last day was yesterday!  A whole lot of knowledge is vacating State service.

Where are those Green Bean Crisps! Maybe I'll run up to Starbucks and get a $4 tiny doughnut.


LOL - Remember that "alluenza" teenager who killed 4 people drunk driving but got off because he was too rich to no better?  Then him and his mom went on the lamb hiding from authorities?

They were caught in Mexico after ordering Domino's Pizza with their phone.  Here is the thing - they should be arrested just for ordering Domino's Pizza!


Sleep experts are amazing that school districts are making students start school so early and it's ruining their education.  School districts are making school children sleep depraved. Children under the age of 10 should NEVER start school before 8:30.  School Districts are messing with children's biological clocks, their circadian rhythms which is linked to mental and physical problems including cognitive impairment, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes.

At least according to the American Academy of Pediatrics - but what do THEY know.


So the Eagles have to pay Chip Kelly 13.4 million dollars to go away - how can I get that sweet gig.


Nuff said!  HAPPY NEW YEAR - I'm going to be 'scoping new year party's across the world on Periscope.  Look for it on a website as it's hard to find in the App stores. 



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