Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A new obsession!

At the moment I'm saying Columbus received 6.1 inches of snow-ish. Sort of hard to tell when my yard has no level spots and there are drifts everywhere.   I'll have to venture out and take several readings. I got the driveway done last night but we got another inch.


OK - We were watching the Colbert show and the inventor of Periscope was on, the Best App of the Year according to Apple. 

DJ and I are hooked.   Colbert created an account and loged on.  There was a woman waiting for a bus with 6 people viewing and he asked he if she ever watched The Late Show.  she said no and he said "Maybe you should tonight".

It's like live You Tube where people can stream ANYTHING live and can talk and answer questions to people watching.  Totally addictive. 

My very first contact was some family eating dinner in Rockford. yeah - wow - fascinating.  Then I was looking around and some guy with 2 viewers in Green Bay was basically doing nothing - yup - this is AWESOME!    I looked in Denver and a person who grows cannabis was touring her operation and this actually was pretty interesting.  

On to Thailand and a couple is taking a Monks Tour through a temple.  DJ gets into the action and is in London and SOMEHOW she is watching two drunk people in a bar. Moving on back to Denver is a party where they are live streaming the football game last night to 86 viewers from all over the world. . . . and it was 5 seconds BEFORE what I had on MY TV.   

I went to Australia and a dude was cooking on the barbie talking about the native wildlife and what it was like in Australia (very hot).  Went over to Hawaii and I was on a beach talking to some people there.   Up to Alaska and a daughter , father and mom were having a chat.  Did you know they each get paid $3000 a year just to live in Alaska?  And there are really very very few woman up there.

I think next time I brew beer I'll stream it and maybe I'll stream our home brew club.   

The app is hard to find in the App store - go online  it's Periscope, NOT  Periscope Pro or any other Periscope.  Just "Periscope".  I was even watching some people outside in Mongolia but I could not understand a thing.    

This is the same app some woman was drinking and driving and someone recognized her location and she got busted  LOL    


DJ has been REALLY sick for one week now EXCEPT Christmas, what a trooper.  Christmas really took it out of her and she has been down for the count every since, but MAYBE a little better today.

We are in for a cold stretch for a while now!  Winter has come. 

Goldman Sachs is saying oil could tumble to $20 a barrel. The world ha so much oil it does not know what to do with it. They say Iran MAY be able to produce oil at $1 a barrel (that is $1.00).  Saudi Arabia at about $15 a barrel.

Gotta go do more shoveling.  Carry on.

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