Thursday, December 3, 2015

Columbus Ohio? Seriously?

Excellent point Smidjet.   But if you look at the 2nd line it's listed as an increase. Obviously you believe we should have cut the police budget more and NOT fix any roads but I think we did what we had to do to keep it from going higher.

At least you are not faryal naaz  who believes I am talking about Columbus Ohio and loves my amazing and wonderful site.  LOL

Until you see what really happens with the budget and the many many many hours we struggle over it you can't fully comprehend the complexities. There are many things Departments wanted and can't have.   Hey - I've been pushing for a radar speed sign on James Street for 4 years, can't get it.  I wanted $7000 to fix the bike path because it's part of the transportation network - didn't get it.  We can spend $2 million on roads but not $7000 for families to use a bike path.  But that was my fault - budgets are a learning process if you want to get what you want.


Informational only - here are the politicians who are partially funded by the NRA.

Sen Ron Johnson - co sponsored a bill to prohibit the DOJ from tracking purchases of multiple guns. One of 12 Republican Senators who signed a letter threatening filibuster for ANY new gun regulations following Sandy Hook.  NRA graded "A".

Paul Ryan - top recipient of NRA cash to the tune of $35,050 last year  NRA grade "A"

Rep Jim Sensenbrenner - $19,200  Grad "A" NRA

Rep Sean Duffy endorsed by the NRA $11,950

Rep Reid Ribble endorsed by NRA

And BTW - so far in 2015 there has been 351 Mass shootings (shootings involving 4+ deaths or injuries in the US with 447 deaths and 1,292 injuries,  up a little from last year.   Just sayin'.

HOWEVER - the murder rate has declined over the last decade and mass shootings are only a tiny tiny  fraction of the overall numbers. So in reality, America is a safer place then a decade ago and MUCH safer then a few decades ago.  Of course they does not count the literally thousands of child deaths and accidental shootings from gun owners who say they know what they are doing.

Perhaps we should look at closing loop holes on purchasing weapons of mass murder.  No one is talking about taking guns away except the people who believe everybody is talking about taking all guns away and are getting all riled up.

With that said - there were 185,345 background checks on Black Friday for people purchasing guns! Black Friday is the biggest day in America for buying guns.


My cats are OBSESSED when my printer.  If I ever print anything they come running and stare at it. When the paper appears they look at me like ARE YOU SEEING THIS?  OMG!!!!


My favorite Instagram couple are on the move again - this time in Singapore.


Calendars are on the way - I'll let you know when I get them and where you can purchase them.


today will be the last day with highs in the 30s  nothing but 40s and some good size 50s on the way by NEXT weekend.  We should be REALLY heating up by NEXT Thursday as we start hitting the 50s.  This weekend middle 40s and sunny.

Nuff said

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