Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello El Nino!

Well we are now seeing our first taste of El Nino.  December, at least the first few weeks will be way above normal.  By the 3rd week we might get back to normal but bask on the warm above average glory, at least starting Thursday and lasting for more then a week. Beyond 10 days is fuzzy but it looks like all the cold is way way north.

Friday and Saturday we will be in the middle and upper 40s and sunny and low to middle 40s after that.  Average high is about 39 right now.

Fun facts - did you know that Hurricane Camille was sucking up one half million tons of water EVERY SECOND?

We are VERY VERY good at forecasting the path's of hurricanes but very very bad at intensity still.

This last year a lot of hurricanes had their tops blasted off by a huge swath of wind shear caused by El Nino.  Which is why, for the 10 year in a row, Florida did not get hit.  They are do.  

Nuff for now!

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