Monday, December 14, 2015

Records, and now the temperature are falling!

So I was off a week or so on my prediction that we would have thunderstorms on Christmas.  Still could, Christmas week will be pretty rainy and at least 15 degrees above normal.

We broke 2 records, one yesterday and one today for temps and I would think one for the amount of rain (which is at 1.87 inches UP TO 7:00 this morning).  Next weekend will be a shocker as Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be COLD (average actually) and then back into the 40s.  Our average high is 31 now!

We should actually have basically a constant falling temp from now until Saturday morning 7:00.  Maybe a little bump UP on Wednesday noonish but its fall fall fall.

I was in Springfield ILL this last weekend and it was so strange.  We got up to 71, 300 miles south and every time I walked outside it was a shock! Drove back yesterday, started at 10:00 at 58 degrees and after 300 miles of rain, arrived in Columbus and it was 57,  brrrrrrrrr!


7% of teenagers have driven drunk but that is way down from 12 years ago when it was 16%.  Weird how education works.

57% of Americans are against Trumps proposal on banning Muslims while 100% of The Constitution is against it.


Still have some calendars and I can snail mail them for $19 (or deliver for $15 if you are near me).

I have resisted for 9 years on making calendars because I did not want to be in competition with the Columbus historical calandar but I just could not hold off any longer.

Here is the weird thing - I ordered 35 this year (way too many) and they came in 8 separate packages. Seriously?  Why?

Then there are the gas prices which are down to $34.77 per barrel.  Gas prices should continue to fall.

The Milwaukee Bucks beat Golden State to snap their 28 game wining streak!  But who besides me cares.


It's illegal to talk on your phone in Illinois while driving UNLESS you have a hands free device.

And for all of us that complain about Walker . . . Illinois has it MUCH worse then Wisconsin.  I mean they paid their lottery winners with IOUs.  You think Walker is bad?  The ILL government just STARTED talks on their 2016 budget last week.  At least we try to get along.


Here is something I'm hearing a lot of complaints about - parking downtown is being taken up by apartment dwellers.  There is one car that did not move for 3 days.


Looking for a place in Columbus for a craft beer? Check out The Badger Motor Car Company

Awesome place for a beer (craft or otherwise), mixed drinks or whatever and all of the ultra cool stuff to look including The Popcorn Cart.

 Located where The Workshop used to be and opens 3:00 on Wednesday through Sunday (I believe).  336 N Spring Street Columbus. It's getting a lot of attention from the Madison crowd for it's "coolness".


And looking for gifts for your kids?  Go down to Cardinal Comics - NOT just a place with comic books.


If you have not seen this, it's a scream.


Something big happened in Saudi Arabia this weekend.   Woman were allowed to not only vote but run for office and and at least 12 woman are not on their city councils.  Of course in order to vote woman had to get a ride since they are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. They also cannot leave the country without permission from a male. But hey - its a start

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