Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TWENTY FIVE degrees above normal

Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Not going to say I told you so but I DID say thunderstorms on Christmas, yea yea it's 2 days BEFORE Christmas but I think I was close enough.  :-)

We should have some T-storms this afternoon as a very strong LOW tracks across Wisconsin this afternoon trailing a strong "cold" front.  There is a SMALL chance for a tornado (like 2-5% chance) so just be aware.

We should break a record high today dating all the way back to 1979 when we reached 46.  We will be TWENTY FIVE degrees above normal today!  But windy.

Did you know there are 16,000 objects circling the earth?  Yikes!


Big day in Iraq today as Iraq forces  try to take back Ramadi a key ISIS city.  At the same time   British and American forces have arrived in Afghanistan to go against the Taliban.


Does anyone want a Chipotle franchise?  There has been another outbreak of Chipotle Illness. You never want to have an illness named after your fast food chain do you.


When is garbage pick up on James Street.  I'm getting sick of tripping over garbage bags thrown out the door and laying there for a week in front of the abandoned eye-sore of the oldest building in Columbus.   Just sayin.  Don't make me contact the Columbus militia, oh! we have one and they are freaking scary, we do not have to worry about Sun Prairie attacking us.



it's probably "get away day" so no one is reading this - HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!


I needed a NON-hoodie sweatshirt and happened to be in Boston Store Monday.  They had sweatshirts on sale for 40% off.  I found a nice one for $55 and figured with 40% off I could get if for $33 which was doable.

HOWEVER - at the check out the woman asked if I was given a $20 coupon and I said no, so she takes another $20 off from the $33 so I got a great sweat shirt for $13.   SWEET!!  I felt like I was at Kohls.


I think Miss Columbia (must be from Portage) is the real long term winner as she has taken this all pretty well and people are noticing.



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