Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Venus Flytrap

WELL, it seems "No Child Left Behind" actually worked . . . sort of. . . in a way.  In case you need a refresher, "No Child Left Behind" was George W Bush's big plan to hold schools accountable and punish bad schools for not teaching enough.   This started 14 years ago next month.

Bush wanted to raise educational standards across the board because he believed (and he believed it correctly) that the entire story was not being told.  What was happening was while many schools were educating brilliant students, they were mostly white.  The Black, Hispanic and Special Education students were getting left behind.     

However - in a nutshell the laws and penalties did not work at all.  But what DID work was that schools started to do analytic's like sports teams and what they found was WOW - Black, Hispanic and Special Education students really are being left behind AND it forced schools to make this information public.

The public school system was forced to notice that there actually was a problem with the school system.  "No Child Left Behind" didn't FIX the problems but at least it showed there IS a problem.


OK - looking for a romantic evening with a glass of wine and a crackling fire and soft music?  Next time you are looking for some music turn on DIRECT TV Music and go to "The Groove".  You will be surprised.  

HOWEVER - don't look at the artists names.  DJ and I turned on "The Groove" and it was so relaxing even when we envisioned Venus Flytrap behind the music.   However - we looked at the first artist and it was  "J-Walk".   OK - that was actually hilarious and sort of hurt the romantic mood for about 5 minutes.  Then the 2nd song by "bluprint".  SERIOUSLY?  BLUPRINT?   Are you kidding me?  We almost pee'd our pants.

So don't look at the artist names but enjoy The Groove.


19% of republicans WITH a degree love Trump.  37% WITHOUT a degree love Trump.  Just sayin'.

Then there is Ethan Couch.  The kid that killed 4 people drunk driving but got off because he was literally too rich.  The defense was he was so rich no one ever told him it was bad to drink and drive and kill people.  So he got off with probation.

WELL - him and his mom are missing and on the run now.  Missed their probation meeting.  Maybe  Martin Shkreli could use that defense for not only screwing people with AIDS but also running a ponzi scheme - he's just too rich to know any better.


Has anyone seen Mad Max?  I have not but it's ranked number 4 as the best movie of 2015.  If you take 25 BEST OF lists they are the 4th most mentioned movie.


I'm pissed off at our BP gas station in Columbus who closes down their pumps at 6:00PM for pumping and paying inside.  I needed cash so I wanted to pump gas and get $20.  But you have to pre pay after 6:00PM and if you pre pay you can get cash!  SIGH!!   I ain't paying $2 at their ATM for $20.


America beat expectations with the newest GDP numbers. The report confirms that are economy continues to grow at a very nice steady pace.  THANKS A LOT OBAMA!

Speaking of Obama - a lot of people are railing on him for saying we are slowly beating ISIS.

Here is a map that shows how much territory they have lost this year

  ISIS is over stretched and the area they gain is not worth as much as what they have lost which was the core.


PolitiFact which watches over politicians on BOTH sides has awarded Donald Trump the coveted Lie of the Year award

PolitiFact wrote. "That’s because Donald Trump doesn’t let facts slow him down. Bending the truth or being unhampered by accuracy is a strategy he has followed for years."


OK - nuff said 

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