Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1:01 minutes of fame

I was feeling down yesterday. Maybe it was because we are in the armpit of winter even though it seems we just started winter.

HOWEVER - I was informed that the photo I posted yesterday was going to be talked about on The Weather Channel.

Here is the You Tube video.

BAM - Columbus is mentioned - I'm not ALL bad for Columbus! :-)

Paper today reported there were frost quakes near Columbus and Beaver Dam last night - if you heard a VERY loud bang it was that or your water heaters. 


Powerball - the REAL interesting thing is that we are in uncharted territory for sales. One estimate is that 1.1 BILLION tickets will be sold . . . .or 500 Million. Nobody really knows.  They do believe there is a 85 to 97% chance there will be a winner.

At 1.3 BILLION the pay back for a $2.00 ticket is $1.37.   There is a cool Powerball simulator that the LA Times has

Here’s $100.Can you win $1.5 billion at Powerball? 


Crude oil dropped below $30 a barrel briefly yesterday. 


Here is a question. If the Packers moved to St. Louis and changed their uniforms - who would become your NFL team to root for, the St. Louis Packers? Bears?  Vikings? Lions?


Interesting State of the Union last night with Obama (also called the secret Muslim Hitler by some).  What was interesting was the GOP rebuttal.  Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina a rising star for the GOP).

"While Democrats in Washington bear much responsibility for the problems facing America today, they do not bear it alone," Haley said. "There is more than enough blame to go around. We as Republicans need to own that truth. We need to recognize our contributions to the erosion of the public trust in America's leadership. We need to accept that we've played a role in how and why our government is broken."

In all the techno years where techno heads can measure responses this was the most favorable response ever for a rebuttal by the opposite party.


A dog named Killer has now caught 115 poachers hunting rhinos and elephants in South Africa.  I saw one thing where they are looking into dyeing tucks pink on all rhinos and elephants rendering their ivory useless.  This would cause zero harm to the animals and save their lives.


OK - I better get to work on logging my time on the new time thing we have at work.  It's SO convoluted that there is even a category for how long it takes you to enter time - SERIOUSLY.  They took a good working tool and made it crazy complicated to a point of totally insane.

One co-worker literally takes over one half hour to enter his time EVERY day.  I kid you not. If you work on 3 or 4 projects per day and each project has 4 or 5 separate tasks you have to enter a time for each ask. Not TOTAL time but when they occurred during each day and for each task you have to create a new screen to enter start and stop times.  Ludicrous.


OK - I better get started entering time so I can go home.   

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  1. Rod, you know the Packers can't move anywhere. Community owned - the Green Bay Fighting Socialists!