Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And I was doing so well

Seems I ruffled a few feathers yesterday when I got down on an email that was calling out developers and I apologize.  I was actually defending developers.  People take me so seriously. I'll try to not be a loose cannon.  What's up with that.  Are humans really that bored?

Anyway I apologize and will go back to my boring bland self.  The GOOD thing is no one really reads this blog when there is nothing happening.


Sun Halo over Columbus yestarday

We received 1.5 inches of snow last night from the Alberta Clipper that zoomed through.  Alberta Clipper's are pretty cool things.  A warm gush of air over the Pacific pushes in over the Canadian Rockies and compresses as the Rockies push it up. Then as the air falls on the other side, like a person pulling a string on a Top it starts to spin.  That spinning Top of air then attaches itself to the jet stream and travels toward Wisconsin dumping it's snow. 

We would get a LOT of snow if it was not moving so fast.  The east coast will get the full brunt in what could be a nor'easter from this little squall that hit us.   

40% of blizzards are created from  Alberta Clipper's. 

After today we should warm up to tee-shirt weather and hit 35 and 33 Thursday and Friday and then blast #3 hits us.  By Sunday our high will be 4.  Enjoy the sun today, won't see it much until Monday. 


Viewership of the Wild Card Playoffs was up 11%.  The Packers, who had the 10th best rushing offense in terms of effectiveness (yes, you read that right) went up against the 11th worst rushing defense in effectiveness and won. The Pack have now rushed for over 100 yards in 3 of it's last 4 games. 


Perhaps this will also be controversial but I really dislike circuses because they are cruel to their animals. The good news is Ringling Bros will move it's 42 elephants to a conservation center this year. YEA FOR THE ELEPHANTS! 

The circus that comes to Columbus has a few elephants that have chains around their legs so they can only move 20 feet when outside and pacing back and forth.  They say the elephants don't mind and are used to it.  It's to protect the elephants.  Yea . . . right.   Have you ever looked directly into an elephant's eyes?  It's sad. 


Space X is going to try and land a rocket on a MOVING platform next!  And rumors say when they succeed the next attempt will be through Yogi's Bears mouth.


28 people were one number off in Powerball. There were 18,000,000 winners and a total $159,000,000 given out from last weeks Powerball, The 28 people one $1,000,000.  All of those 28 were missing one number - the Powerball number!   But after taxes you only get a little less then $670,000.  


Oil was close to dropping below $30 a barrel yesterday.  There are some reports that gas in the coming year, IN SOME PLACES, might drop to $1 gallon. I'm not holding my breath on that one.   



Did you know that 31% of households own a gun?  This is the lowest percentage in in 40 years. 

22.4% of Americans own a gun, a little over the record low set in 2010.    

Gun related homicides have dropped 39% between 1993 and 2011

Kennesaw, Ga has an ordinance on the books that require ALL citizens to carry a firearm. But there are loopholes.

60% of gun deaths are by suicide according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The NRA spend $17,000,000 on elections in the 2012 Presidential race.

Smith & Wesson stock jumped 72% last year and has LOVED the Obama administration.

If you see people walking around your street lock your doors because they are looking to take your guns. I saw some a few days ago and mine are locked, please send snacks and toilet paper as I am running out.


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