Monday, January 4, 2016

Badger Motor Car Company goes National


WOW - Darvin Frye asked a friend of his to contact a reporter and maybe do a story about The Badger Motor Car Company. His friend contacted  Berry Adams who came and wrote a very very good piece and the next thing you know it's one and a half pages in the Wisconsin State Journal.


Then it's front page in The Beaver Dam newspaper and a few days later it's front page in The Columbus Journal.  FANTASTIC . . . . 

Badger Motor Car Company

But wait . . . . . . It was in the LaCrosse newspaper and the Minneapolis paper . . . Sacramento . . Washington Times, Cincinnati,  Columbus OH, The USA News, Belgian Beer News .org, Chippewa Herald and the San Antonio Post.


Badger Motor Car Company
I was there last week to take some photos of the Popcorn Cart and Darvin opens at 3:00 and just a little after 3:00 people started coming in.  The Badger Motor Car Company is the biggest news maker since Public Enemies.  Thank you friend of Berry Adams for contacting  Berry and thank you Berry Adams for writing such a great piece.

It's great for Columbus as it shows how we are a forgiving community and understand the silliness of youth.  I mean stealing a truck owned my the Dodge County Sheriff . . . . probably not the BEST life choice - why not go for the actual Sheriff squad car, don't be shy.  I mean who doesn't want to steal a squad and go for a ride (make sure those doors are locked Chief). 

anyway - well done - local dude goes National.

Badger Motor Car Co. features history -- and beer


We're all done with Americas 4th favorite holiday - New Years which is behind Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day.
Enrollment to Affordable Health Care is up 29% this past year.  Seems to be working.
Star Wars - First time I saw it I was in the Bistro at The Palace.  GREAT food, awesome recliners but normal viewing and average sound.

Took my buddy to the Ultra Screen and HOLY CRAP!  I forgot how amazing the sound system is, and the movie is literally BETTER the 2nd time as I understood what is going on more.   I had stopped going to movies because my 7.1 home theater sound system was better then any theater but the Ultra Screen at The Palace is amazing.  Fantastic LARGE recliners so you are in your own space OR you can make it all cuddly by moving the middle arm rest up.

They have figured out how to get people into the theater.


I was a little disappointed at the 4 downtown businesses that failed to shovel their sidewalks FOUR DAYS after the storm. I don't know if they have shoveled yet but this was a very disappointing situation and the city did nothing to fix it with 4 days off in a row (another problem I was disappointed in).

I mean Avalon, which has NO sidewalks was a skating rink with cars and walkers with dogs sharing the same slippery road.  Avalon is a death just waiting to happen. The city NEEDS to salt and sand roads where there are no sidewalks.  Do you really think an 80 year old can jump out of the way of a car skidding towards them?  The storm WAS A WEEK AGO and it's still freaking dangerous with no place to walk that is not ice.

yea - I'm pissed off.  I would call someone but WHO.  No one is working for 4 days.


Something weird is happening in American births -the amount of twins are rising at a steady pace.  In 1980 18.9 twins were born per 1000 births.  IN 2014 that is up to 33.9 twins birth per 1000.

OK - nuff said!


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