Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Drowning in oil.

Seems the world is changing.

The world is drowning in oil.  Once Iran gets going by next month the world will be producing OVER 500 million barrels of oil a day over what is being consumed.  A DAY!!   The talking oil heads this morning said oil will be nearing $10 a barrel later this year.  With the average price for a gallon of gas at $1.87 (1.67 in Columbus) they are expecting gas to be near $1.25 a gallon by years end.


Packers - (hind site is always best) Most talking sports heads are blaming McCarthy for the Packers lose for being ultra conservative by not going to 2.  I know I was screaming GO FOR 2.  If the Packers go into overtime they are underdogs, period.

The league average for converting a 2 point conversion is 48%, going into overtime the implied odds in Las Vegas had Packers had a 39% chance to win.  If you think about it. Was Rodgers plan, when throwing a Hail Mary, really to LET'S GET A COIN FLIP?


The GOP thing - the race for the GOP king is front loaded for Trump and Cruz. The problem for those guys is that the first group of States will look good with wins but because of a really weird way the GOP does things those States do not have a proportionally equal amount of delegate votes.

SO, while it might look like Trump and Cruz are off and running like rabbits their momentum will slow down drastically when they start to hit the Mid West, New England and Middle Atlantic where Rubio will be strong. Florida, Ohio and Arizona are important to all the candidates.  If there is a Ohio/Florida split. We should have a brokered convention.

This will go down to the wire and we really could have a brokered convention which would be fascinating.


Univision is buying a 40% stake in The Onion.  Weird.


The most common password is 123456.   I can't find any pattern in this but you might!  Let me know - looks pretty random to me.

Netflix has 5.59 million subscribers - 4.04 million are NOT in the United States.

ISIS used to make $40 million a month in oil.  But with oil now being cheap they had to cut pay checks in half.  And let's not forget we are targeting ISIS banks.  A few weeks ago two 2000 pound bombs found a stash of a few million in cash that went up in flames.

2015 was the hottest year on record worldwide AND the record was also a record for being the biggest difference from a previous record (did that make sense?).

OH OH - don't go the the east coast this weekend. Some of you on Facebook might remember LAST Wednesday I said watch out for a BIG storm for us this Wednesday.

That one is south of us but 8 days ago the GFS (the main US weather model) said BIG BIG storm to hit the east coast. The weather dudes poo poo'd this as the GFS has not had a great year and the Euro was not confirming it . . . . . until the NEXT day.  

Now the storm hitting Seattle will move south and then up and CLOBBER the east coast this weekend with a blizzard.  We're talking multiple feet of snow somewhere from Washington DC south.  GFS says more north, Euro says more south.  But both say COPIOUS amounts of snow.  They can have it.

We're good - slowly warming to average and low 30s. Typical. January.  I don't see any more bad arctic blasts anywhere at the moment. All the REALLY cold air will fly by north of Wisconsin.

See ya 



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