Friday, January 15, 2016

Minus 32? Seriously?

Now that my 1:01 minutes of fame are over my life can get back to normal and I feel better. WHEW! What a whirl wind.


The big event in my life came in the mail yesterday when I received THE BLACK CARTRIDGE from HP.  I put it in and I can print again.  Sadly my old black cartridge still has ink in it but since I changed my colored ones I guess it's useless.  I love HP for doing this.  

Yes - I have now almost spent as much on ink as I spent on the printer. 


Don't let the talking weather heads fool you into thinking it will be warm Sunday. They say high of zero.  YEA - that is because the high will be 00:01AM, just after midnight!   I'm thinking it will be about -6 at noon Sunday with a rather brisk wind making the wind chill about -32.


Perfect for disk golf! 


Happy birthday Wikipedia!  Well, tomorrow.  15 years old.  I actually donated $3 last week. It was almost the least I could do for being able to access information in the information age. 

In 2005 there were 500,000 wiki English articles. Now there are a estimated 5 million.  

As we all know you can edit each article (I have a couple times about Columbus . . I think). The most edited page in history is the George W Bush.   The most edited page this year is the page that explains "Geospatial Summery of the High Peaks/Summits of the Juneau ice field". Well yea -who doesn't have something to say about that!  Hello!  Knock knock anyone home? 


Remember this photograph?  yea - sort of staged. Those guys could jump down and not really hurt themselves.  There is a floor right beneath them. 


It was my brothers (69) birthday yesterday. He's lived in Springfield Illinois for most of his life after getting a job out of college so I have this ILL link.  Anyway I saw on the news that Illinois, a state that has legalized medical cannabis, is considering expanding qualifying conditions to include chronic pain, autism, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It's been slow going as the original estimates had the number of patients around 30,000 but only 4000 have been approved.  Still the State has taken in over $100,000 in taxes in the few months that have been up and running. That $100,000 is going towards education, something Wisconsin has forgotten about.

The latest ACT scores have Wisconsin from 2nd best a few years ago to 9th worst in the Nation and dead last in the Midwest.  Overcrowding in classrooms, teacher shortages are the reasons sited. 

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities a a nonpartisan research and policy institute, Wisconsin saw the 4th largest cut in school aid funding and was one of only 12 States to actually cut funding for education.


Saturday - could be pretty interesting KC/NE football game as N'or Easter flies by.  Not a lot of sow but pretty windy.  Should be about 58 at game time for the Packers with very little wind.

have a great weekend.


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