Monday, January 25, 2016


Gotta admit it - NOAA was right on with Winter Storm Jonas.  The GFS (American) was first to predict but had low totals, the NAM saw it a day later and was almost perfect on the snow totals.

Snow totals are one of the hardest things to predict because of density and so forth. 

Today for Columbus is a mixed bag.  The sun should warm things up fast today and we are currently pretty dry but things should change pretty fast with a good chance of 2-4 inches but I would go with a lower amount!  Get those cars off the roads if you park them there anyway.  

Nice little warming trend is developing after this burp of junk coming at us but not a lot of sun for this next week (Wednesday) and long range there is something in the distance with a storm for next week but it's a ways off. 


Rubio seems to be getting lost in the GOP battle because he is one of the most conservative candidates so if you like Rubio you probably like Cruz. The more moderate Republicans like Bush.

Just gotta let things shake out. Cruz and Trump will rule the first set of States which are the meaningless ones as far as delegates. So don't get excited.  And ANY prediction for who beats who in the National is totally meaningless.    


In Texas a guy was sentenced to LIVE IN PRISON after his 10th DUI.  Heck, in Wisconsin you get a plaque or something.  After 10 you are told you have to stop or else we will arrest you again on #11.    


Remember flight MH370?  The one that disappeared?  Yesterday the deep-sea exploration vehicle accidentally dropped into an under water volcano . . . .oops!  That will slow things down a little.


Gov Rick Scott of Florida slashed funding for public health and last year there were 6,300 new cases of HIV, most since 2002.  Who knew cutting funding for public health would have an adverse effect.


We're looking into a new car - anyone want a Subaru with 240,000 miles on it that runs like a dream?  But no AC?  Seriously - in all my life I have never had a car that needed less fixing.  240,000 miles and only 1 oil change.  I'll throw in another one at when we sell it.  OH - looking at 2016 Subaru Outbacks.


How THIS is a round a bout!!!

    OK - want to know  WHY???

The goal was to slow down cars.  I think we should incorporate this coming down the hill on James Street which will be a HUGE problem once that road is all stripped of trees old trees (small new ones will be planted), overhead wires, wider and smooth.


A guy was watching "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" in a theater a few days ago when he accidentally shot a woman - OOPS - SORRY!  She is in serious but stable condition.  

In a statement released by police, Gallion said he had the gun because he was “concerned about recent mass shootings in public places,” so he kept the gun unholstered.

I am so glad people with guns are keeping us safe.


Many years ago today my went to take the dog out.  There was an ice storm and the dog saw a squirrel and did what does do.  SQUIRREL!!!   My mom slipped an went flying and a few hours later I decided I had had enough and decided to exit her womb a month or so early.

Have a great day!

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