Friday, January 29, 2016

Storm increases in intensity!

I think the approaching storm is not going to surprise anybody.  In my travels yesterday I kept hearing people talking about 10 inch's and so forth and I was wondering where all these rumors were coming from. I had heard of nothing but MAYBE 8 inches.

This morning I looked at the scientific conversations online and I see they are getting rather excited and expectations have been raised from 5-8 inches last night at 11:00 to 8-12 inches now as the two main models are getting more inline with each other.  This will be a wet heavy snow with a good amount of wind.  The start time has been locked in at 7:00 in the morning Tuesday and this would be a 24 hour snow event.

That is the storm just off Vancouver. Should move south and reform in Missouri before moving north clipping southeast Wisconsin.

The reason for the increase amount of snow is that they believe there will be no "mix precipitation" and will be all snow.


In other news the GOP had a debate last night that was like an actual adult debate.  I did not see it as I had home brew club (Sun Prairie Worthogs)  but reading political science articles Rand Paul was the winner with Marco Rubio a close second.  Ted Cruz had his worst performance as he sounded rather rough without Trump making him seem "normal".

The only chance the GOP has of winning the election is if Rubio wins the nomination (which I believe he will).  I still say this is a Clinton/Rubio race.


Only 17 states require high school students to take personal finance classes.  Does Columbus require this? I would think this would be a no brainer requirement. Knowing how to handle money, to me, seems like an important thing.


I see Paul Allen's yacht destroyed 80% of a protected reef off the Caymen Islands. 14,000 square feet of reef GONE.


The Bank of Japan now has lowered interest to  -0.1%.  YUP - NEGATIVE interest.  They are trying to force banks to give out loans.


There was a survey of teens in America and what they are thinking and talking about and so forth.

Most get their first smart phone at 11.  Most do most of their shopping online (the death of big box stores in the future).

The most popular app on their phone (which is one of the most important things they have) is Snapchat by a landslide.  Facebook was not on any list of favorites,  Twitter was low in the rankings also. Instagram and Spotify was way up there.

The most UNCOOL was anything Google+.

80% said they had no idea what "finsta" was (fake Instagram account) and 92% said they did not have one . . . . hmmmmmm  curious numbers  LOL

Teens say the best smart phones are the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy 5S.  80% have one of those 3 phones.

Netflix was the clear winner of what they watch on TV and 53% watch stream TV shows compared to cable.


My favorite thing to eat at Subway is their Sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich,  Now I find out their footlong has 32 grams of sugar in it . . . no wonder I like it.


That's it - watch the weather to see how the storm plays out!  

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